What's new for version 7.3?

  • Added new menu item for Side-by-side comparison under the File menu.
  • The Compare Horizontal & Compare Vertical menu items have moved from the Translation menu to the View menu.
  • Added 15 new translations for the user interface including Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Danish and others.
  • The snapshot facility can now optionally obscure the snapshot region after saving it to disc.

What's new for version 7.2?

What's new for version 7.1?

  • Find & Replace Colours throughout a document
  • Auto Fix button on Problem Report dialog to quickly fix overflowing text problems
  • Split documents into new PDFs each with a given number of pages.
  • Connect to your company's own TransPDF server to translate PDFs - handy if your company's security policy prohibits use of public servers.
  • Annual licenses now last forever. The Help->About... dialog shows how long you have left of the free support and update period.

What's new for version 7?

  • PDF translation using industry standard XLIFF format.
  • Direct integration with the PDF translation portal - TransPDF
  • Side-by-side comparison Compare horizontal icon Compare vertical icon of translated PDFs
  • Improved Problem Report Flight Check icon with support for auto-fit size changes (handy for translation)
  • Bates Numbering for documents and portfolios
  • New Swatches tab in the colour picker dialog
  • New Font Browser to make choosing fonts easier and faster.
  • Strike-through Strikethrough Text tool button and Highlight Highlight icon tools are now included on the text formatting toolbar for faster access.
  • New Page Operations toolbar and menu for common page operations - rotate, add, extract and delete.
  • File->New... is now easier to use.
  • New icons for fit-page and fit-width.
    100% view button has been removed since it didn't correspond to 100% due to the variation in pixel densities on modern displays.
    • Fit to Window icon - Fit page into window
    • Fit to Width icon - Zoom to the full page width
  • New, simpler Text Fitting dialog and fitting engine to give better looking text.
  • New Image->Edit option to allow images to be edited in an external editor then automatically reloaded into the PDF page.
  • New Text Spacing palette for faster access to letter, space, line and paragraph settings.
  • New Line-spacing quick-access button Line spacing tool button to simplify the toolbar.
  • New Snapshot tool Snapshot icon for quick access to the image snapshot function.
  • New Save As... button Save As tool button on the toolbar.
  • New HTML user manual which is faster to view and fully searchable.
  • New toolbar customisation options offering toolbar labels and large icons.
  • Activate/Deactivate licenses so you can move Infix between machines whenever you want.
  • You can now track the usage of your Infix licenses from our website
  • The Font Remapping dialog now repairs bad mappings enabling other PDF applications to correctly operate with the PDF.
  • New, easier to use Preferences dialog box.
  • Ability to save PDF in the older PDF 1.4 format for better compatibility with older PDF consumers.
  • Finally, Infix now comes in just one variety - Infix Pro. All features are available to all users, all the time.