Find and see all the differences between two similar PDFs that have the same number of pages. The facility may also be used in a more passive way to just view two different PDF together.


  • differences in appearance - changes to image, fonts, colours etc.
  • differences in content - where words have been added / removed

How To Compare 2 PDFs

  • Choose File->Compare PDFs... or drag and drop two PDFs onto Infix Pro PDF Editor
    The drag & drop method gives you the option of just displaying two PDFs side by side without scanning them for differences first.
  • Press the Browse... buttons to choose each file if you need to.
  • Choose how you want to compare the two:
    • Differences in appearance
      You can choose to ignore images and/or text. If you ignore both, the comparison will be done on the vector artwork in the PDF.
    • Differences in content
      Only the text held on each page is compared. This mode can be more useful when looking for textual differences than relying on graphical appearance alone.
  • Show the comparison toolbar by choosing View->Toolbars->Compare PDFs
  • Press to show/hide the differences shown in red
  • Press to re-run the comparison after editing one of the PDFs
  • Press to see a details breakdown of the differences in each page

Horizontal / Vertical Layout

Choose View->Compare Vertical or press Compare Horizontal tool icon on the Translation toolbar (View->Toolbars->Translation) to switch to having one PDF on top of the other.

Infix Example Screenshot - compare horizontal
In vertical mode, the editable PDF is at the bottom of the window.

Choose View->Compare Horizontal or press Compare Vertical tool icon on the Translation toolbar (View->Toolbars->Translation) to switch to a side-by-side comparison.
Infix Example Screenshot - compare vertical

In horizontal mode, the editable PDF is on the right-hand-side of the screen.

Exiting comparison mode

To exit comparison mode, choose the current layout mode again. 
For example, if you are in Compare Horizontal mode, choose View->Compare Horizontal again.