If you need to export a particular photograph or image to file see Extracting images.

To export all images on a page or range of pages, see Exporting images.

To take a snapshot of part of a page and save it to a file:

  1. Click on the Snapshot tool (Snapshot tool button)
  2. Drag out a rectangle around the area you want to snapshot.
    As soon as you stop dragging, the box is fixed and the Save Snapshot dialog box opens.
  3. Choose the resolution for rendering the snapshot. The higher the value, the larger and more detailed the saved image will be.
  4. Choose the colour-depth for the snapshot.
    RGB  (Red / Green / Blue) is full colour, all the other options are variations of black and white.
  5. If you want a transparent background to the snapshot, click on Retain Transparency.
    This option is only available when PNG format and RGB colour depth are chosen.
  6. Check Obscure Area... to add a white-rectangle over the snapshot area once rendering has finished.
  7. Press OK and choose a file name for your saved image.