If you need to export a particular photograph or image to file see Extracting images.

To export all images on a page or range of pages, see Exporting images.

To take a snapshot of part of a page and save it to a file:

  1. Click on the Snapshot tool (Snapshot tool button)
  2. Drag out a rectangle around the area you want to snapshot.
    As soon as you stop dragging, the box is fixed and the Save Snapshot dialog box opens.
    Infix screenshot - Save SnapShot
  3. Choose the resolution for rendering the snapshot. The higher the value, the larger and more detailed the saved image will be.
  4. Choose the colour-depth for the snapshot.
    RGB  (Red / Green / Blue) is full colour, all the other options are variations of black and white.
  5. If you want a transparent background to the snapshot, click on Retain Transparency.
    This option is only available when PNG format and RGB colour depth are chosen.
  6. Press OK and choose a file name for your saved image.

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