Use the Auto-translate facility to easily translate an entire PDF into a different language. The actual translation is done in the cloud by TransPDF - the on-line translation service provided by Iceni Technology Ltd. The translated PDF you receive is a completely new PDF - the original is not modified in any way. Unlike the other translation facilities in Infix, you do not need a TransPDF account to use this function.

A small fee is charged for a translation. This is usually dependent upon the number of pages being translated.

To translate a PDF:

  1. Open the original PDF to be translated in Infix.
    The PDF should be free of all security and encryption. If it is a scan it will automatically receive OCR processing before being translated.
  2. Choose Translate->Auto-translate... or press  on the Translation toolbar (View->Toolbars->Translation)
  3. Choose the original and target language.
  4. Put a tick in the Preview only box if you want to get a free preview translation of the current page.
    Getting a free preview is a cost-free way of testing the quality of the translation for a specific PDF.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions. These simply serve to remind you that your PDF will be translated by another computer over the internet and that the translation may not be 100% accurate.
  6. Press Translate to begin the translation process.
    The PDF will be uploaded to a TransPDF server where it will be analysed and prepared for translation.
    If you see the error message Mismatch: Invalid user password it means you need a password to unlock your PDF. You will need to obtain the correct password from the PDF's author. Once you have this, use the Security dialog box to unlock it, save it, then try to translate it again.
  7. If you chose Preview only skip to step 10
  8. The payment window will open in your default web browser. This shows the cost for the entire translation. The translation process will begin once full payment has been made.
  9. After translation, Infix will ask you where to save the new PDF.
  10. You will then be asked how you want to view the new PDF - on its own or next to the original so you can compare the two.

    Example showing a preview of a Russian translation
Email Notifications
  • You should receive an email when the translation begins. The email will include a link to a status page showing the current progress of the translation.
  • Another email is sent once the translation is complete which includes a link to download the finished PDF. This means you don't have to wait with Infix running for the translation to complete but can close Infix and wait for the email.
  • Both emails will come from - please ensure your junk email filters allow messages from this sender.