Access this pane from File->Preferences.... on the Saving tab

  • User name
    This is the name that will be stored in the change log generated whenever edits are made to a PDF. It is also used to name any sticky-notes, stamps or other annotations you place on the document.
  • Always make a backup on save
    When using File->Save... Infix can make an backup of the original file named “Backup of myfile.pdf”.
    This can be disabled for large files or when saving over networks.
  • Autosave every:
    When active, Infix saves a recovery backup of the current PDF every few minutes. A gap of around 10 minutes is reasonable. You may wish to increase the interval or disable auto-save for large files or when saving over slow networks.
    If you need to recover changes to a document after a crash, open the document you were editing. Infix will detect any autosave file that exists and ask you if you want to open that instead.
  • Check for overset text on save
    Normally Infix checks to see if any textbox has too much text in it meaning some has become overset. If it finds any it tells you where and asks if you want to fix it before saving. If you don't, that text will be invisible when viewed in other PDF viewers.
    This check can be slow for very long documents in which case it may be better to disable this feature. It is best to re-enable as soon as appropriate since you may cause text to go overset and not discover it.
  • Save documents in PDF version 1.4 if possible.
    Normally Infix saves with PDF version 1.5 and above. When checked, it will try to save the edited file in PDF 1.4 format - and older format required by some older PDF consumers. This may not always be possible since some later aspects of PDF cannot easily be expressed in the old format.
  • Bath save number of pages
    When performing long find/replace operations Infix saves the PDF every 150 pages to lower memory consumption. Making it larger will improve speed at the cost of memory. Making it smaller will reduce speed and also reduce memory usage.
  • Store layout info in PDF
    When saving an edited PDF Infix stores additional information such as tab-stop positions, paragraph alignments, indents and margins etc. This makes it easier to edit the PDF using Infix or Infix Server but also increase the size of the PDF file.
    • Choose Never if you want to keep the PDF file as small as possible and do not need to keep the information.
    • Choose Always if the increase in file size is less important than ease of editing (or if you are making templates for Infix Server)
    • Choose Sometimes to let Infix decide.