You can decorate text with an underline or strike-through using the underline and strike-through buttons available on the formatting toolbar.

  1. Choose the Text tool (Text tool button) from the tool bar and select the text you wish to change
    Or choose the Object tool (Object tool icon) and click on the text box you wish to change
  2. Press the underline (Underline tool button) or strike-through (Strikethrough text tool button) button
  3. For more control over the width, colour and position of the decoration choose:
    • Text->Underline Options... or
    • Text->Strikethrough Options... menu item.

Underline/Strikethrough Options

Using the Options dialog box, you can change the colour, thickness and position of the decorations.

Example effects:

Offset to -6 points

 manual0071-00.png 204x75 (pixels)

 manual0071-04.png 465x159 (pixels)

Offset +6 points on 12 point text

 manual0071-01.png 196x72 (pixels)

 manual0071-05.png 465x153 (pixels)

Weight of 0 points (hairline)

 manual0071-02.png 208x82 (pixels)

 manual0071-06.png 465x165 (pixels)

Adding a background to text

 manual0071-03.png 210x78 (pixels)

 manual0071-07.png 457x155 (pixels)


By default, the underline and strikethrough colours will use the same colour as the text. To give it a contrasting colour, uncheck the Same as text checkbox and click on the Colour: button to choose a new colour.

  • Text is always drawn after its underline decoration.
  • Text is always drawn before its strike-through decoration.