You can control the left, right and first-line indents of paragraph text. These indents apply to the entire paragraph.

  1. Select the Text tool (Text tool button) from the tool bar.
  2. Click on a paragraph or select a block of text spanning multiple paragraphs.
  3. To change a margin, drag the margin triangle to the position required.
    Infix screenshot - Ruler and margins

The picture shows the first-line indent triangle being dragged.

As you drag the margin, a dotted line allows you to line-up the margin with other objects on the page.

 manual0073-01.png 271x164 (pixels)

The first-line indent has been changed so that the paragraph starts with an indent.

 manual0073-02.png 327x168 (pixels)

To create a hanging indent, move the left-margin (the lower triangle on the left hand side) inward without moving the first-line indent.

 manual0074-01.png 240x170 (pixels)

If you drag the little rectangle underneath the left margin arrow, then both the first-line indent and left margin will move.

 manual0074-00.png 243x155 (pixels)


• For finer control of indents especially for text that flows around shapes, see Advanced Editing.