Infix Pro PDF Editor can check for two types of problem in your edited PDFs:

  1. Overset text - 
    when there is too much text to fit in a text box and the overflowing text has been hidden from view. 
  2. Auto-fit size change -
    when automatic text fitting has been used on a text box and the size of that text has been altered by more than 10% as a result.

Infix Pro PDF Editor always checks for problem 1 when you save a PDF. 

Infix Pro PDF Editor always checks for both kinds of problems when you download a translated PDF from TransPDF

Otherwise, you can perform the checks at any time by choosing File->Problem Report...

Problem Report On Save

You may see a warning when saving your edited PDF:

Press Yes to ignore the problems and save the PDF or No to display the issues in the Problem Report Results window.

Problem Report Results

  • Double click on a problem to view it in the PDF.
  • Click the filters check-boxes to show or hide the different kind of errors:
    • Overset text - when there is too much text to fit in an existing text box.
    • Auto-fit Size Change (>10%) - when the text size has been automatically adjusted by more than 10% in order to make it fit into a box. 
  • If you make a change in the PDF (to resolve an issue), press Refresh to update the list of problems.

Resolving Problem Report Issues

To fix problems double-click on the item (or press View), then do any or all of the following:

  1. Re-size the text box in question to make it bigger
  2. Edit the text to change it's length.
  3. Click the Auto Fix button which will enable text fitting on the selected text. This will make a slight adjustment to size in order to get a fit. If the button is disabled it means that auto-fitting is already enabled on the text. In this case, press Text Fitting...
  4. Click the Text Fitting button and alter the auto-fit controls to better fit the text