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Version 6

  • The latest release of Infix is 6.50. Download and activate using your existing version 6 activation key.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Infix.
  • Read the change log for this version of Infix.
  • Owners of any previous version of Infix or Gemini can upgrade to the latest version on-line.
  • Download the latest revision of the user manual.
  • See Infix in action by visiting the video tutorial section

Version 5

Version 4

Version 3

  • The latest version of Infix is 3.36 and is available from the here.
  • The latest version of Infix Pro is available here.
  • Download the User Manual for Infix version 3.

Version 2

  • If you have a version of Infix prior to 2.13, or need to re-install Infix 2, download Infix 2.13

Version 1

  • If you have a version of Infix prior to 1.34, or need to re-install Infix 1, download Infix 1.3.4

Gemini was discontinued in July, 2011.

Most of the features of Gemini plus a host of new facilities are now available in Infix. New features include ePub output, automated article threading, and tags on table and image exports - for integration with Laboratory Information Systems.

Gemini users can upgrade to Infix

To ensure you keep up-to-date with modern PDF standards and enjoy the additional conversion and editing facilities offered by Infix, upgrade now for just $59.

Contact us quoting your existing Gemini activation keycode and we will provide you with a purchase link to complete the upgrade.

What was "Gemini"?

Gemini quickly converted text & images in PDF documents into other formats. Whether you wanted to post a user manual on the internet, an article from a newspaper, a financial report or entire book, Gemini saved you time and effort.


What did it do?

Gemini exported the text within a PDF in a variety of formats including HTML, RTF & plain text. It supported all standards of PDF plus password protected documents.

As well as text formats, Gemini exported photos and graphics as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG and BMP. It converted embedded images, rendered artwork or entire documents at a range of sizes, resolutions and colour depths.

The software also offered a host of advanced features and customisation making it one of the oldest and most comprehensive PDF converters available for Macintosh or Windows PCs.

Download Gemini Version 6

The latest free updates for Gemini 6 are available below:
  • Gemini 6.0.10 for MacOSX is available here.
  • Gemini 6.0.12 for Windows is available here.

Download Gemini Version 5

  • Contact us for the latest, free update (v5.6.0) for Windows
  • Contact us for the latest, free update (v5.6.1) for MacOSX
Alternatively, owners of any previous version can upgrade to Infix which includes most of the conversion facilities of Gemini plus additional output formats and extraction facilities.


  • The latest release (version 6) of argus is available from the demo download page. Existing customers should download the demo version for their platform and begin using it.
  • Owners of previous versions can upgrade to version 6 on-line.

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