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Infix Server offers unrivalled facilities for automated manipulation of existing PDFs from page imposition to full-on content manipulation.

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Dynamic PDF

On-demand PDF creation, document assembly & content manipulation for high-volume publishing.

Template Driven PDF Production

Using an existing PDF as a template, Infix server can reflow and justify new text into marked areas as well as replace existing artwork & photographs.

“I’m really happy on where the product has gone in the last few months dealing with you guys. The good communication / feature enhancements have really made a huge difference. So I thank you very much for that.”
Brett, Australia,

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Infix Server is a command-line driven tool for changing the content of existing PDF documents.

The unique advantage of the product is that it can seamlessly integrate new content into existing PDF documents –
changing images, reflowing and justifying new and existing text.

It also offers full document assembly including insertion/replacement of images
or other PDFs – all specified using an XML control file.

Built For High-Volume Environments

Infix Server has been designed from the ground-up as a server process and is not simply a re-worked desktop application. As such it offers exceptional speed and control and is available on all main hardware platforms.

Press Quality PDFs

Infix Server maintains all colour-spaces, fonts, and graphic attributes throughout the editing process to ensure the integrity of the PDF it produces.

  • True variable PDF – not simply layering graphics on existing pages
  • Fully compliant with the latest version of PDF
  • Professional H & J and rule-based text fitting
  • Integrity of press-quality PDF always maintained


Use PDFs From Any Source

Infix Server templates can be quickly made from any kind of PDF from Quark, InDesign or any other PDF source you care to use.

  • No programming or coding required for templates
  • No costly Adobe/QMX etc licensing
  • Templates are ordinary PDFs from any design application


Do-it-yourself Integration?

Some of our customers perform all the integration work themselves. Embedding Infix Server into their existing publishing systems to produce custom artwork, HR material, brochures and page imposition as needed. We include full documentation and are happy to answer questions about driving the tool from various scripting languages such as PHP.

Other customers employ us to help with integration. We have helped create smart web sites for them offering their customers choices of PDF templates and interactive editing of PDF with real-time in-browser previews.

Template Driven PDF Production

Using an existing PDF as a template, Infix server can reflow and justify new text into marked areas as well as replace existing artwork & photographs.

PDF templates can be easily created in a matter of minutes using Infix Pro. All template information is then stored within the instrumented PDF documents.
Watch a movie
showing how a template is made and used.

One use for this facility is to allow your customers to create their own advertisements on-line. Presented with a selection of example ad-types (PDF templates), users would upload images and text and then instantly review fully print-ready PDF ads generated from their data and template choices.


Automated Folio Management

Publishers and repro houses can use Infix Server to automate the generation of folios without the need to revert to the original page source or applications such as InDesign or Quark.

When integrated into a publishing workflow, the software can instantly respond to changes in magazine layout by automatically re-generating all affected folio lines.

Folios may be as simple or complex as required and can even be created to allow for changes to left/right layout when pages are moved within a publication.

A very simple folio for changing page numbers:
“[P] The Green Review”

A more complex folio for changing page number, magazine name and date on either left or right hand side of the page:

[lpageno] [lmag] [ldate] [rdate] [rmag] [rpageno]

Infix Server searches for the tags you request and replaces them with your alternative text maintaining the font and style of the original tag text. It also offers full control over text alignment and reflow behaviour.


PDF Imposition & Page Construction

Place existing PDF pages onto other pages. Placed pages are positioned using x,y coordinates and can be scaled to fit within a bounding box. Scaling can be controlled within pre-set limits to ensure pages are not over or undersized during automatic placement.


Automated Cropping

Use Infix Server to automatically crop all incoming PDF material. The software looks for all the standard graphical and meta-data means of determining media and trim boxes and uses them. Failing that, it employs a set of heuristics which reliably deliver accurately cropped jobs from any PDF supplier.


Variable Data Printing

Infix Server can search for and replace text within an existing PDF, seamlessly reflowing and rejustifying the completed text.

By adding simple macros or “call-outs” such as [NAME] or [DEPARTMENT] to an existing document, sophisticated variable-data documents can be prepared. Call-outs can be added to the source document (InDesign, Illustrator, MSWord etc.) or to the PDFs you produce using Infix.

Using Iceni’s unique PDF text reflow engine, callouts can be placed on their own, within existing paragraphs or even within text that flows across columns and pages.

Accurate reflow & automatic text fitting ensure that text replacements occur seamlessly and are undetectable by the customer.


PDF Editing SDK

A simple C/C++ API enables you to embed the PDF editing functionality of Infix Server into your own software either for in-house use or resale. The demo download of Infix Server includes the SDK and documentation to enable you to begin integrating straight away. If you need any technical assistance, we are glad to help.

If you wish to resell products incorporating Infix Server or the SDK, please get in touch.


Infix Pro and Infix Server

Infix Pro offers a suite of specialised features for preparing PDF documents for use with Infix Server.

These include defining behaviour for target text and images for when they are replaced by Infix Server (reflow behaviour, fitting, scaling and cropping).

Infix Pro also enables the creation of unique ‘elastic’ templates – PDFs that grow to accommodate the dynamic content placed within them. Especially useful for creating display-ad templates into which text can be flowed. Infix Server will intelligently re-size the ad, its borders, artwork, crop and trim boxes to produce a finished ad.

Tried the on-line demo?
Visit for:
  • Template driven PDF creation.
  • Variable data printing
  • PDF imposition / Compositing
  • Upload your own templates and try them out
Infix Server for Business Cards

Clients can customise their own corporate stationary by converting their artwork into PDF templates.

Infix Server for Newspaper Construction

Newspaper Construction

  1. Change folio on-the-fly
  2. Insert & scale advertising
  3. Insert and re-number pages

Infix Server for Property Listings

Convert existing ads to templates using Infix Pro. Templates are ordinary PDFs with additional embedded information for use by Infix Server.

Infix Server for Automated Real Estate Ads

Automated real-estate ads- new text is imported into a template and automatically reflowed together with new images to produce the finished ad in seconds.

Download Packages

Choose the software package for your system. If you have a system not catered for in the list below, please let us know.

System Size
Compatible with Windows Windows (2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8) 31MB
Compatible with Linux Linux (Intel) 23MB
MacOSX MacOSX 10.4+ (Intel) 20MB

What's included in the package?

The install includes example configuration files based upon those used in the on-line demo. These demonstrate page imposition, image insertion and text replacement and can be used as a starting point for your own configurations.

Infix Server itself is a command-line driven application.


Limitations of the trial software

The trial version of Infix Server will add watermarks to all pages it produces. These will be faint-enough to allow you to fully test the software in your own systems.

In all other respects the trail version is identical to the activated software.


Online Demo

Try the online demo that illustrates how InfixServer can be used to drive a website that allows interactive editing of Business Cards in PDF format.

Screenshot of Online Infix Server Demo

Advanced Demo

Click here for a more technical demo that illustrates more of the InfixServer functionality

How much does it cost?

Infix Server Cost £


No initial fee. Pay per edited page.
50p per edited page Contact us
Single server perpetual
One-off payment.
£9,995 Buy
Annual maintenance
Optional, per-server fee. Email & telephone technical support plus software updates.
£1,500 Buy
Infix Server SDK
Negotiable royalty fee.
Contact us to discuss terms.
Negotiable Contact Us

What constitutes a single server?

A single server license limits the number of concurrently running instances of Infix Server to one.

For example, a single processor machine could run any number of instances on such a license. Since there is only one processor, there will never be more than one instance physically running at any one time (it just appears this way to the casual observer).

A multi-processor / multi-core machine would need additional licenses to run multiple instances up to a maximum of the number of processors/cores in the machine. For example, a dual core machine could run 1 instance with a single license and 2 or more instances with two licenses.


To lower the cost of entry, Infix Server can operate using a 'pay-as-you-go' model.

For this to work, the software needs to have access to the internet and you need to purchase pay-as-you-go 'clicks'. These are available from this page in bundles of 2,000 clicks at a cost of approximately 75¢ per click.

A single 'click' is consumed by Infix Server when it modifies a page in a PDF document. The software decrements your key by the required number of clicks before removing the watermark from an edited document.

If for some reason the software cannot access our database, the edited document will be saved with a watermark. This can be removed using Infix Server once the connection is restored.

On-line Demo

Enter our live Infix Server demo system and try out some of the features for yourself.

Watch a Template Being Made

Click here to see how easy it is to use a press-ready PDF for variable-data printing. (requires Flash)

Trial Licenses

Please contact us if you need a time-limited trial licenses to allow for live system evaluation without any demo restrictions.

Contact Us

For details on integrating with your production systems, OEM licensing or on becoming a reseller please contact us

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