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  1. 30Jun 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in July 2015

    IT Showcase Live Leicester


    July 7

    King Power Stadium, Filbert Way, Leicester LE2 7FL


    IT Showcase Live takes place this month in Leicester at the King Power Stadium, and like all the shows run by IT Showcase, it is free to attend with the option to register for tickets online beforehand here.


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  3. 29Jun 2015

    Web search offers solution to old papers

    I found Infix software in a “change embedded font in PDF” search.

    My non-profit organization has old paper documents that it wants to archive, and we want to make searchable versions available to our members.

    These paper documents were created with fonts that are not accurately recognized by OCR software, so simple “scan to PDF” functions or image file format conversions do not work by themselves. OCR suspects aren’t necessarily recognized in Acrobat.

    This is where Infix comes in. The EDIT/FIND & REPLACE/REPLACE FONT functionality can replace all fonts with a commonly recognized one such as Times New Roman. After fixing a few OCR errors to hidden text with Infix OCR CORRECTIONS, search functions work as needed. Documents appear as originally created.

    Making PDF’s searchable is only one of the useful editing functions in Infix. More generally, the value is being able to edit the content of a PDF without having the source file available.

    – Dave Wrisley

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  5. 26Jun 2015

    Preventing Data Breaches & Loss of Information

    Computer connected globally


    Breach of data is a nightmare that every company dreads – we’ve all heard the horror stories; Facebook’s year-long breach exposing 6 million user’s email addresses and telephone numbers in 2013, the major leak of O2 customer information sent in website code to servers when users were browsing the web in 2012, and even mega brand Google exposing full contact lists of Gmail users in 2006!


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  7. 22Jun 2015

    Frustrated by a dose of sheets

    I just recently started using the Infix demo software, and I must say that I find this to be the best software available for editing PDFs.

    What I like about Infix is that it allows you to directly edit the text of a PDF. All other PDF editors I have used do not actually allow you to edit the text of a document. They only allow you to add objects over the document that then can be edited. It’s not an actual edit of the document. It’s more similar to a transparent sheet being placed on the document, that can then be manipulated.

    Infix is a better solution because of what I mentioned before, the ability to directly manipulate the text of a document instead of having to figure out a workaround.

    Personally, I maintained a database that consisted of thousands of PDF files of news articles, and I found it a pain, if not downright impossibility, to format and edit these articles for ease of reading. Now with the Infix software. I can easily change what I need to in an article. No workarounds.

    If you regularly work with PDF documents and need to edit them, then definitely consider getting Infix. It’s vastly superior to other PDF editing software packages.

    – Sheel Kundu

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  9. 15Jun 2015

    Chinese Translator’s Time Saver

    I am a professional English – Chinese translator and sometimes I get source files in PDF format. Before I tried Infix PDF editor, I used to do the formatting manually using Microsoft Word. Although similar end results can be achieved using Word, it takes a long time to draw the tables and insert logos, etc. I find Infix PDF editor to be very useful, because I only need to edit the text rather than worrying about the formatting, which saves a lot of time for translators like me.

    Here is a summary of the advantages of Infix PDF editor that are particularly useful for me:
    1. The software supports Chinese characters so I am able to produce documents in Chinese without any problems (unlike some other software).
    2. There is “check spelling” and “find replace” functions, just like Microsoft Word.
    3. The software is very useful for filling out PDF forms, without the need to physically printing out the forms, saving time and paper.

    By looking through the menu options, there are many tools I have yet to explore (e.g. crop tool, stamps, etc.). I am sure that these will be useful for my work in the future. I highly recommend this software to everyone.

    – Huangxiao Zhang

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  11. 12Jun 2015

    Globalisation Made Easy (er)

    Global Communications

    Being part of a global company has its pros and cons – as an employee, the bigger the company, in theory the safer your job is, with more resource and supplies to get things done and more revenue streams to drive bigger growth opportunities around the world! Global companies also have a larger talent pool for recruitment and a broader business base in which to spread potential risks, so market development is easier and successes can be found across different countries, even if other realms are showing slumps and signs of economic downturn.


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  13. 08Jun 2015

    Aiding Communications in Business

    Aiding communications Communication: it’s what success in your business depends on. This means everything from managing workflow and dividing up labour, to keeping track of finances and making sure everyone – from world-weary chief executives down to fresh-faced interns – is on the same page about the company’s goals and way of working.


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  15. 02Jun 2015

    Most commonly translated Swedish words

    Swedish flag flying

    Sweden is a popular Scandinavian country that is located in Northern Europe. Boarding neighbouring countries Finland and Norway, Sweden is the 3rd largest country in the European Union and has a population of just under 10 million inhabitants.

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  17. 31May 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in June 2015

    The IT Service Management Show (SITS)
    SITS 2015

    June 3-4

    Olympia, London
    9:30-5 (last admission 4pm both days)

    Over 4000 professionals will be in residence at SITS 2015, the UK’s trade only leading exhibition and conference for ITSM professionals, including Accenture, Dell Software, HP, LabTech and ZenDesk amongst many others.


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  19. 23May 2015

    Editing PDFs for your congregation the easy way


    If you head up a place of worship, you’ll more than likely spend a lot of time writing and editing documents to deliver at your worship sessions. Not only sermons and speeches, but other items of paperwork will also need to be created, such as donation leaflets, prayer sheets and song lyrics to hand out to your congregation.


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