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  1. 23Apr 2014

    Freelance PDF Translation with Infix

    As a freelance translator, I struggled for years with PDF-to-Word converters (I’ve tried them all, and there are many) and had mixed results, but the clean-up process was invariably time-consuming, having to run macros and specialized software, and get rid of pesky tags…
    But with Infix, I can simply export all the text within a PDF to simple XML for easy processing in my CAT software. Even the most complex page layouts are supported.
    When I brought up a minor issue with the program, support got back to me immediately – and great, fast, reliable support is a huge relief in my business, where every minute counts.
    Iceni Infix is a unique offering in the plethora of PDF applications, it stands out as the de-facto best way to handle them as a freelance translator.
    Many thanks to the team for an amazing product!
    - Marc Rizkallah

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  3. 21Apr 2014

    A Movie in the Making – Steve Jobs


    Whilst speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin hasn’t given too much away about one of his latest projects, whereby he focusses on the life of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.  Although his screenplay is based on the biography written by Walter Isaacson, Sorkin has confirmed that he has achieved his goal in creating something that is very different and doesn’t take the form of a biopic.


    The Sony production was originally expected to be directed by David Fincher, however Danny Boyle is now the favourite to direct this movie which is due to begin filming later in the year.  Rumours are also rife that Leonardo DiCaprio could be in line to play Jobs in the movie.


    It will be very interesting to see how the film develops, especially as in only 2013 Ashton Kutcher played the Apple co-founder in the film entitled Jobs, which focussed on Jobs’ early life and the journey of Apple’s creation and success.  Prior to this in 1999, Pirates of Silicon Valley starred Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and explored the challenges faced together with Steve Wozniak, played by Joey Slotnick, in founding what would later become one of the biggest ever global brands.


    So what could be covered in the latest film about the incredible life of the Father of the Digital Revolution?, it will be difficult to tell the tale without reflecting on so many of the significant events that took place in one person’s lifetime.  From his early adopted life and eventful college experiences to the 1st Apple Computer developed by Jobs and Wozniak in 1976, and the amazing technology and growth of the company that followed. It may include Jobs’ shock departure from Apple in 1985 whereby he later founded NeXT, followed by the surprising acquisition of NeXT by Apple and Jobs return to the company which he would then led to bring us the iconic and revolutionary technology of the iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes and iCloud, technology that is used globally on a daily basis by us all.


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  5. 16Apr 2014

    Software Patents

    The subject of Software Patents has always attracted much debate, with the nature of this minefield and the absence of legal definitions for patents for software causing differing limits to be set by various jurisdictions around the world.  The European Patent Office talks of the ambiguity of the term software, as it could refer to several aspects including program listing or binary code, and “computer programs as such” are not eligible for patents, although many large organisations continue to lobby for changes in the law.


    Historically the month of April has seen some activity in this area, in April 2005 the Indian Parliament rejected a clause to allow for the inclusion of software patents in The Indian Patent Act, and in the same month steps were taken in Japan to establish the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan, where software related inventions have patent eligibility. In April last year the first reading by Germany’s Parliament of a joint motion took place against the increasing numbers of patents being granted on software programs, in line with the “secure competition and innovation in the software development” resolution which relates to software protection by copyright as opposed to the granting of patent protection.


    In the USA in the last month the US Supreme Court have been addressing issues over software patents, including patent eligibility, patents that are vaguely defined and the associated issue of “patent trolls”.  Narrow rulings are anticipated by many as opposed to significant changes to existing law.

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  7. 11Apr 2014

    Tradeshow Recap – NAB Las Vegas 7-10 April

    NAB Las Vegas

    An amazing 98,000 visitors attended The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, with the 4 day event bringing together some of the biggest names in electronic media and entertainment, exploring this constantly changing industry and providing the latest ideas from content creation, management, commerce, delivery and distribution and finally consumption.


    Gordon Smith, the NAB President and CEO opened the eagerly anticipated event, with the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond including Ray Romano and the show’s creator Phil Rosenthal taking to the stage as part of the Television Luncheon to discuss the challenges faced in its early years as well as the huge success of the show, as they accepted induction to the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Insight was also provided into the extensive work and challenges involved in the production of the recent Sochi Winter Olympics, with discussions involving representatives from CBC Television, NBC Sports Group, the Olympic Broadcasting Services, TV 2 Norway and Sports Video Group on their undertakings to enable global coverage of the event.


    Further awards took place on Day 2 with Steve Harvey, radio and TV personality and bestselling author also inducted into the NAB Hall of Fame.  A key focus of the day was the Future of Broadcasting, with Cloud and Net Neutrality also covered.  Amazon Web Services’ Mark Ramberg presented on the use of Cloud technology for meeting the demands of anytime anywhere content delivery across all devices, as well as uses of the technology in film and broadcast production.  With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rulings on net neutrality, World Without Rules – Is this the End of the Open Internet? proved an interesting discussion, with the pros and cons of the changes proposed and implications to the industry covered.


    A wealth of stars attended NAB 2014, Norm MacDonald of Saturday Night Live fame and known for his writing, producing and acting roles, together with comedian, producer and director Tom Green, and Criss Angel renowned magician and illusionist, accompanied Cali Lewis of GeekBeat TV in a lively discussion entitled NewTek Presents: Broadcast Minds, exploring the innovative ways in which loyal online audiences can be built along with commercial success, including the production of quality shows specifically created for online consumption.


    Additional super sessions included a chance to learn more about the massive internet hit Camp Takota, with a feature in Filmmaking in the Age of YouTube, with its stars Grace Helbig and Mamri Hart and producer Michael Goldfine reflecting on the methods used to create, market and distribute this online comedy success which took third place in the iTunes Independent Movie Chart.


    The Arc@des, ATSC Technology Pavilion, Connected Media World, Studio Experience and Futures Park provided the ideal opportunity to showcase the latest industry developments, with the Startup Loft and Sprockit areas focussing on newly created and market-ready businesses.


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  9. 07Apr 2014

    Find & Replace in Legal PDFs

    I am always looking for tools to help with my work as an attorney, faculty member and IT professional. Many pdfs have language that I would like to be able to change, but the traditional pdf tools are not up to the task. Infix PDF Editor has a large suite of tools. A favorite of mine is Find and Replace. It works just like the function in my favorite word processor. There is also a spell check and the various text formatting tools.

    Other functions allow objects to be manipulated. Lines can be added, including those with color. This allows sections of documents to really stand out. There are also various drawing tools (as in Paint and similar programs). Finally, there are the standard tools one finds in Acrobat and other pdf programs.

    PDF Editor is really remarkable because it combines aspects of different programs to allow one to edit PDFs as if they were a different form of document. I highly recommend Infix PDF Editor for editing tasks.

    - Jonathan Warshay

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  11. 06Apr 2014

    Anniversary of Microsoft 3.1 Release

    Microsoft released Windows 3.1 on 6th April 1992, and in doing so addressed a number of issues experienced with Windows 3.0, with over 1000 changes made offering enhanced usability following extensive client feedback.

    Improvements were made to the Windows Installation with the inclusion of the Express Install feature, with Custom Installation and Batch Install options together with improved network setup also available to users.  The set up programme was also able to detect additional hardware and software configuration compared to 3.0.


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  13. 31Mar 2014

    Tradeshows in April – 2014

    April looks set to be another busy month for tradeshows, here are just a few of those taking place both at home and further afield, offering a chance to catch up with the latest industry innovations and business opportunities.


    NAB Las Vegas 7-10 April


    Official Website:

    Venue: Las Vegas Convention Centre

    Opening Hours: 9am-6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 9am-2pm Thursday

    Overview: The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show welcomes over 93,000 visitors and 1600+ exhibitors to the world’s largest electronic media and entertainment marketplace, with multiple industries represented at the show.  With the tagline “Where Content Comes to Life” NAB covers the latest technology for content creation and delivery, with exhibitors confirmed at the event including:

    • Cinegy
    • Flanders Scientific Inc.
    • Sony Electronics
    • Tektronix Inc.
    • Tightrope Media Systems
    • Inc.


    FOE Tokyo 2014 16-18 April


    Official Website:

    Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

    Opening Hours: 10am-6pm Wednesday, Thursday, 10am-5pm Friday

    Overview: FOE Tokyo 2014 is the 14th Fiber Optics Expo, 1 of 4 events which form the Photonix Expo, with the Laser & Application, Optics and Optical Measuring/Analytical System Expos all running concurrently.  As well as showcasing leading edge technology, the extensive Conference Programme looks set to cover areas such as Cutting Edge Evolving Optical Fibre and Cable Technology, Latest Developments in Software Defined Optical Networking, Advances in Cloud Services and Optical Transmission for Data Centres.  Global leading organisations participating include:

    • Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd
    • NTT Electronics Corp
    • IBM Research GmbH
    • NEC Labs America Inc.
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp
    • Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.
    • Hitachi Ltd


    Service Desk and IT Support Show 29-30 April


    Official Website:

    Venue: Earls Court, London

    Opening Hours: 9.30am-5pm

    Overview: Closer to home The Service Desk & IT Support Show takes place in April, providing the ideal opportunity to identify ways of reducing operational costs and gaining expert advice on improving your business with over 250 IT service management solutions presented at the event. With interactive workshops, seminar programmes and panel discussions all featuring over the 2 days, the show also provides excellent networking opportunities and names already confirmed to exhibit include:

    • Hewlett Packard
    • Global Technology Solutions
    • ManageEngine
    • Service Desk Institute
    • TATA Consultancy Services


    The Grey Matter

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  15. 28Mar 2014

    Tradeshow recap – Internet Retailing Expo, Birmingham

    As expected, over 5,000 visitors attended the Internet Retailing Expo this week, held at Birmingham’s NEC with the 2 day event playing host to over 200 exhibitors, focusing on the latest in retail and supply multichannel products and system solutions.


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  17. 24Mar 2014

    Anniversary of the Launch of Apple’s OS X

    Following the successful launch by Apple of the Mac OS X Server 1.0 on March 16th 1999, the Mac OS X desktop version known as Cheetah was released 2 years later on March 24th 2001 superseding the Mac OS 9.  The new generation of operating system was based on technology developed by Steve Jobs’ company NeXT through its OPENSTEP system, a move which saw Apple purchase NeXT and Jobs famously return to the company he co-founded taking the position of interim CEO.


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  19. 22Mar 2014

    Intel Pentium Processors


    March 22nd marked the anniversary of Intel’s release of fifth generation microarchitecture with the Pentium processors making their first appearance in 1993. X86 compatible, the Pentiums superseded Intel’s 486 technology and became a global brand which has extended over 2 decades.


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