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  1. 28Aug 2015

    Avenza Systems release PDF Maps app 2.6

    Avenza PDF Maps

    If you’re in need of a PDF Maps app, look no further than the latest release of PDF Maps 2.6 for iOS from Avenza Systems. Avenza, suppliers of cartography and mapping software, released the new update on August 26th to include Map Bundles, localization for German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian users and improved OpenStreetMap search results.


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  3. 25Aug 2015

    Top Free PDF Apps for Mobile Users

    Apps on Mobile

    If you spend a lot of time on your mobile or tablet browsing the web, then this post is going to be right up your street! A lot of companies have created mobile friendly versions of their websites (especially since Google’s Mobile Friendly update last April) and as such, have made sure that any corresponding PDF documents online can be read and accessed by users.


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  5. 24Aug 2015

    Creating a good password

    Key On Computer Showing Privacy Password Or Unlocking

    If you’ve ever spent a long time creating a document you want to ultimately keep safe, then you’ll understand how important a password is! You’ve invested time and money into the writing and creation of your content, so keeping it safe is top priority – but you must remember the golden rules of creating a good, solid password first!


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  7. 20Aug 2015

    More power to Infix’ Find & Replace functionality

    I had 72 PDF files of satellite antenna patterns to modify. Surprisingly, my version of Acrobat X Pro had no find and replace capability. I started searching for a solution to PDF find and replace text in batches and found Infix Pro PDF Editor. It is perfect for editing, finding, and replacing text data in a multi-level directory file system. I selected the top level directory which had six sub-folders with 12 files with all unique names. The program identified and modified all the PDF files and ignored the text files in the same directories that I did not want to modify. Each find and replace on 72 individual PDF files took less than two minutes for all 72 files! Amazing PDF editor!

    -Chris Nichols, USA

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  9. 19Aug 2015

    Infix helps users fix and convert Word files to PDF format

    It’s a great program. Often I get information in PDF files, which should rule. It’s all sorts of documents related to my work. If not for this program, I would have to manually retype all of the text in a Word, bringing to fix and then convert them into PDF format. With such a great program, I can immediately correct this in pdf format. This greatly facilitates the work and saves even more time and nerves.

    -Nataly Makogon, Russia


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  11. Effective Watermarking

    Original Stamp

    You’ve got a document that you and your staff have slaved away on for hours, making revisions, edits and numerous versions as back-ups, and now you’re ready to release it to the world. It could be an infographic, a report, a study  – whatever it is, it’s your work and you don’t want other people using it without your permission (especially if you’re intending to charge for it to be downloaded and used publicly).


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  13. 12Aug 2015

    PDF Functionality within Google Drive

    Google Drive


    Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) has been through a number of changes and iterations since it went live in 2012, both to design and functionality, including the launch of two Professional Editions, Drive for Work and Drive for Education, in 2014. Comprising of 3 free web-based programs; Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, these make up Google’s office-suite offering and allow for real-time collaboration and editing with other users that have access to the documents in question. Both desktop and app versions are available, but the app does not allow for download of documents in the same way as desktop; on the app, users can choose to Open files in different programs installed on their devices, and then Save from within those apps. Adobe is one such app, or PDF Reader for Android.


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  15. 03Aug 2015

    Editing Chinese PDFs


    – 刘伟

    Translated, this testimonial talks about how easy Infix is to use and edit PDF documents with!

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  17. 31Jul 2015

    Get Maximum Performance from PDFs on your Website

    PDF on website

    You’ve built a site and you want to add a PDF or multiple PDF documents to aid user experience – maybe you want to add your brochures for easy download (and in a format they can’t then easily be edited), or a full version of your paper catalogue to save on sending copies through the post – whatever the reason, you don’t only want users to view them, you want search engines such as Google to be able to index them too! This way, you stand a chance of your PDF pages appearing in the search result pages for matching queries, and as such, an increased click through rate to those pages directly!


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  19. 30Jul 2015

    Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Programs

    Open Source

    Using open source software can have its benefits – the quality can be better than when using proprietary programs, as more than one development team can work to iron out bugs and glitches. End users can also have more of a say in the future development of the software, including custom elements and flexibility with compatibility to different operating systems. Some of the most popular software in the world is open source, including Linux, WordPress, Firefox, Magento and Thunderbird, and typically the response is good, but there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of! Security is a big concern, and it’s important that both developers and users of open source software know how to protect themselves.


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