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  1. 31Jul 2015

    Get Maximum Performance from PDFs on your Website

    PDF on website

    You’ve built a site and you want to add a PDF or multiple PDF documents to aid user experience – maybe you want to add your brochures for easy download (and in a format they can’t then easily be edited), or a full version of your paper catalogue to save on sending copies through the post – whatever the reason, you don’t only want users to view them, you want search engines such as Google to be able to index them too! This way, you stand a chance of your PDF pages appearing in the search result pages for matching queries, and as such, an increased click through rate to those pages directly!


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  3. 30Jul 2015

    Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Programs

    Open Source

    Using open source software can have its benefits – the quality can be better than when using proprietary programs, as more than one development team can work to iron out bugs and glitches. End users can also have more of a say in the future development of the software, including custom elements and flexibility with compatibility to different operating systems. Some of the most popular software in the world is open source, including Linux, WordPress, Firefox, Magento and Thunderbird, and typically the response is good, but there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of! Security is a big concern, and it’s important that both developers and users of open source software know how to protect themselves.


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  5. 27Jul 2015

    Replacing embedded fonts in PDF

    I used Infix PDF editor to fix a problem with font embedding.

    The problem was simple – I had a long (250 pages +) ready PDF file compiled of a number of separate shorter PDFs from multiple authors, with multiple fonts used. Part of the fonts were such that I do not have on my computer and such that require a license (non-free fonts). These caused a problem, because I needed all fonts to be embedded in the file, but getting the fonts re-encoded with all fonts embedded was out of the question. At the end of the day I had 6 different fonts to be “taken care of” with hundreds of occurrences all over the long document!

    I tried a number of tricks and hacks, but nothing seemed to work, then I found Infix PDF editor that allowed me to _easily_ find and replace the problematic fonts used with non-problematic fonts automatically, with an automated feature of the Infix PDF editor software. After replacement the problematic and unusable file became usable and my problem was resolved very easily.

    My situation was in “natural” language in English that is the text was not mathematical characters or the sort – for that circumstance Infix was a perfect tool.

    – Mikael Collan

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  7. 22Jul 2015

    Common Reasons to Merge PDF Documents

    Merge PDF


    Following on from our “how to” guide on merging PDF documents using Infix, we’ve become aware that not everyone uses this feature, partly because they don’t have the need or don’t understand why merging different PDF documents may be beneficial to their workload.


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  9. 21Jul 2015

    Wonderful PDF editing in Venezuela

    I am a Professor of Eastern University of Venezuela.

    My experience with Infix since 2010 when I was enjoying my sabbatical year at the Centre of Simulating and Modelling-University of the Andes, Venezuela has been wonderful.

    Infix proved a valuable tool in my routine academic work as Tutor and Co-Tutor of Engineer and Biomedicine Students, highlighting the possibility of modifying texts in PDF or Latex that otherwise would be impossible.

    Likewise, It has allowed me to correct versions of manuscripts submitted for publication in professional journals and heavy documents for which I have recommended to many colleagues who were unaware of their wide versatility.

    – Edgar Marchin

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  11. 20Jul 2015

    Collaborative working with PDF documents

    PDF collaboration


    Collaborative working has never been more important; many people across many sectors rely on others to finish projects and meet deadlines, and tools that make jobs easier all round are critical to the smooth running and completion of projects on time!


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  13. 15Jul 2015

    PDF Standard Compliance

    PDF ISO CompliancePDF compliance standards is a topic that not many know about, but one that is important to anyone wishing to work with PDF documents in any way. PDFs have to comply with these standards in order to perform all tasks, such as open documents, edit them, archiving and printing, to ensure that all users are able to perform the same task whilst working with PDF files.


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  15. 06Jul 2015

    Student avoids bookmark pain in gluteus maximus

    Hello, I´m an university student from Germany.

    For my lectures there´re a lot of different books I have to read, so it´s very useful that my university offers some of them as eBooks (PDF).

    Unfortunately most of them don´t have integrated bookmarks and it´s really a pain in the ass if you have to create them manually. So I tried some PDF-tools, but most of them don´t have the option to create bookmarks automatically and if [they did] it got messy, because they p.ex. made for mathematical formulas extra bookmarks.

    With Infix you can select the fonts, which you only want to accept as bookmarks and get easily the results you desire.

    I can finally just get my literature I need and just start studying without dealing with the nonsense of creating bookmarks manually, which is reason enough for me to use Infix.

    – Michel Michalkow

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  17. 02Jul 2015

    Commonly Translated Finnish Words

    Finland Flag


    Officially known as the Republic of Finland, Finland is a Nordic country which is bordered by a number of countries including; Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia.

    Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe and is has been an independent country since 1917.


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  19. 30Jun 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in July 2015

    IT Showcase Live Leicester


    July 7

    King Power Stadium, Filbert Way, Leicester LE2 7FL


    IT Showcase Live takes place this month in Leicester at the King Power Stadium, and like all the shows run by IT Showcase, it is free to attend with the option to register for tickets online beforehand here.


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