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  1. 02Mar 2015

    Happy Car Club with PDF Editor

    I was requested by my car club to revise a PDF event flier to reflect changes for this year’s event. I am a less than average computer user with limited skills. I accepted the challenge to take on this task and searched on-line for PDF editing software to use.

    There were a variety of options available from a well-known free software web site. Infix PDF Editor had many positive reviews with few negative comments. This is the one I chose to go with.

    Downloading PDF Editor was a breeze. It was seamless and quick and with a few mouse clicks, PDF Editor was ready to use. The user interface was intuitive and familiar.

    The resemblance to popular and commonly used word processing programs was apparent and immediately put me at ease. Within a matter of seconds, my PDF document was on-screen and ready to be edited.

    Both I and my car club were pleased at the result.

    -Jeff Willers

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  3. 01Mar 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in March 2015

    Mobile World Congress 2015

    March 2-5

    Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

    7:30-22:00 (different halls have different opening times, see times page for further details)

    Mobile World Congress 2015 is the show to attend for the most-up-date information in the industry! Spread across 8 pavilions and zones, each focused on a different aspect of mobility in the world today, the information and networking opportunities presented are invaluable.


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  5. 27Feb 2015

    4 Ways a Training Organisation Can Use a PDF Editor

    A lot of our longstanding customers work in the training and educational sectors, and use Infix for their PDF editing needs within their organisations. If you are in the training sector and use PDF documents on a regular basis, here are just 4 ways that using an editing program will make your job easier…

    Arranging Events

    Room ready for a training session

    If you hold training events or open days, you may need to create or edit signs to help people find their way around, especially if you are sited on a large campus. Things like timetables, seminar schedules and maps are also really useful, and all of these can be edited with a PDF editor if they are pre-saved in PDF format.

    Informational Documents

    If you run training courses for people, you’ll no doubt need to create informational flyers and documents for them to run through during the day.
    It’s fine to create and save in Word or a similar program if you are making these from scratch, but if you have PDF versions of previous documents that you need to edit to bring up to date, then using a PDF editor allows you to do this with ease, and without losing any quality of the original.



    Most workbooks follow a typical standard and saving these as PDFs keeps them safe from editing, but if you do run into a situation where minor edits are required, then using a PDF editor will mean you don’t have to start from the beginning and recreate everything. Nothing is more frustrating than having to make a document from scratch because you don’t have the original editable file.

    Signing-in Book

    You’ll no doubt need a book that requires visitors to sign in and out of site when they visit, and of the best ways a PDF editor can be used in this sector is to create and print additional pages with dates or months, without having to edit the original file.

    Some of our happy customer testimonials within the educational sector can be found here:

    •    Editing educational PDFs – a user perspective
    •    Infix OCR proves a success at college
    •    Rebuilding a lost dissertation using Infix

    “I would recommend anyone needing a PDF editing software to consider fully Infix.”

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  7. 26Feb 2015

    E-Signatures – Why Do We Use Them?


    Is this how your e-signature could look?

    You may have heard the phrase “e-signature”, but do you know what it means? An e-signature, also known as “e-siggy” for short, is an Electronic Signature used when working with electronic messaging services, such as e-mail. It takes the place of a physical signature and is most commonly used on programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird when sending emails, as well as within documents such as contracts sent electronically.


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  9. 16Feb 2015

    Infix – a real ‘fix’ for PDF editing

    At my level I need to import a lot of text, graphical information into documents and create coherent document in PDF formats for distribution. These documents after circulation comes back with corrections and suggestions and it took me a lot of time to re-work on the original documents and then re-convert them to PDF and compare with the revised proof, and this was cumbersome and prone to errors, going in cycles till I achieved the revised document.

    Adobe professional is prohibitively costly and other freely available packages were not suitable for the graphical corrections and editing I have to regularly perform.

    I chanced upon the ‘Infix’ which was a ‘fix’ in real sense as it solved all my problems at one shot and got me out of the fix I was regularly getting in.

    Infix is easy to use, and get used to for various applications and once habituated it would be difficult, if not impossible to switch over to some other software. It is easy to master being logical in applications and the color, font, formatting etc. of the text and the precision and colors of the graphical data are preserved almost as good as the original.

    Get on folks, change over to INFIX.

    - Dauji Saha

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  11. 06Feb 2015

    Most commonly translated Turkish words

    Turkish Flag

    Following on from our recent series, we are looking at most commonly translated Turkish words (more…)

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  13. 02Feb 2015

    Infix PDF Editor – saved time by being very intuitive

    Our company, wanted a cost effective yet powerful PDF editing suite that everyone within the company can utilize-not just those in administration or marketing. Adobe is too costly, and the other software brands only convert (but not edit).

    Infix was the only product we have found that performed even better than Adobe, and was affordable-that everyone in the company could have it on their computer.

    In using Adobe editing, it still had its hurdles like matching fonts, colors, and properly formatting. We have not encountered these issues with infix.
    Other companies like Corel had conversion issues, which would not properly convert fonts, colors, and/or distorting the format. Once more, Infix had no problems with those issues. Other software had problem with freezing during editing and/or conversion; again not with Infix. We’ve also found the experience using Infix was easier, saved time by being very intuitive to the user, and was a perfect in keeping the font, colors, formatting, and/or conversion true to the original.

    Thus, we’ve never gone back to the others after using Infix; and we give our highest recommendation for Infix over any other.
    Ral Swanson,
    Director of Marketing

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  15. Days searching for a PDF editor!

    Dear all,

    I was trying to adapt one PDF containing text and images, namely to replace the original text by its translation to my own language and to keep the layout and mainly images untouched. It was a page from downloaded catalogue.
    I spent more than 2 day searching on internet to find any product being able to do that. Later I found that the original text was not most probably created as pure PDF but was changed to PDF format by some technique (I am not specialist in that field). Anyway the PDF Editor of Iceni was the only program which allowed me to do that task.

    It took me 2 days searching, but it was worth it. Thanks to Iceni.

    Best regards, Zbynek

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  17. 31Jan 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in February 2015

    IT Showcase Live


    February 10, 2015
    Old Trafford, Manchester, UK


    Free to attend when you register online in advance, the first IT Showcase live show of 2015 kicks off at Old Trafford, Manchester on February 10th.  This event is for any business looking for software solution to match their complex needs, in a range of industries including construction, manufacturing, accounting and distribution.

    Two other shows – the Green Building Roadshow and the Green Facilities Roadshow, will be co-located alongside IT Showcase Live.


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  19. 27Jan 2015

    Don’t start from scratch – edit the PDF!

    Hello Infix Team,

    I recently edited a PDF file and submitted the material back to the university with over 300 corrections. The producer of the article told me it would be quicker for the graphic department to redesign the article than to fix all the corrections, and, because we did not have the original Word file, it posed a great problem for us all.

    How to correct the file without going to a complex designer program? With Infix, that’s how! I was delighted to find your software exists, and I was able to download the file and edit it with ease. My whole department is appreciative of the time this has saved us from starting from scratch.

    Thank you, Infix, you belong on every editor’s desktop!

    Sherrill Layton
    Media Ecologist

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