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  1. 27Jan 2015

    Don’t start from scratch – edit the PDF!

    Hello Infix Team,

    I recently edited a PDF file and submitted the material back to the university with over 300 corrections. The producer of the article told me it would be quicker for the graphic department to redesign the article than to fix all the corrections, and, because we did not have the original Word file, it posed a great problem for us all.

    How to correct the file without going to a complex designer program? With Infix, that’s how! I was delighted to find your software exists, and I was able to download the file and edit it with ease. My whole department is appreciative of the time this has saved us from starting from scratch.

    Thank you, Infix, you belong on every editor’s desktop!

    Sherrill Layton
    Media Ecologist

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  3. 19Jan 2015

    Making a PDF editor an essential part of your content strategy

    We all know Content is King and this has never been more true than in the start of a new year! Companies are all looking for ways to write and produce unique content, as well as new ways to streamline their processes, and that’s where the need for good productivity tools has never been more important! From reliable word processors to robust editing programs, it is essential that good content is written, edited and made live in an efficient timescale possible, both to meet deadlines and for cost-efficiency purposes.

    A lot of companies prefer to use PDF documents to save and send material, as these documents are seen as more secure – the transition from Word to PDF is also another step in the process of finalising a document from editing to the finalisation stage. This is great but there are times when further edits will need to be made and if the original document cannot be sourced, this poses a problem! Time to open up your PDF editing software program and make the changes you previously thought impossible.

    A good PDF editor won’t just allow you to access and edit text on your documents, it will also offer enhanced functionality such as highlighting typos, reformatting text and even allow users to translate text into different languages, should the need arise. This type of advanced interface is a godsend to anyone looking to make edits to a PDF, minor or major, as there is no need to flit between programs or even have the source file.

    So, if you are an editor or a writer, and have a need to edit a PDF file instead of the original document, a good PDF editing program is definitely the way forward and certainly an essential part of any well-formed content strategy!


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  5. 08Jan 2015

    Commonly Translated Spanish Words


    Within our translation series, we have look at a few different countries and their languages, highlighting the most commonly used and translated words within them.

    This month we turn our attentions to the Spanish language.


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  7. 31Dec 2014

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in January 2015

    International CES 2015

    January 6-9, 2015

    Las Vegas, NV (variety of locations across the city)



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  9. 27Dec 2014

    3 Uses for A PDF Editor in the Printing Industry

    The printing industry is a lucrative one, even in today’s modern age, and there has never been a better time to tie the processes of digital creation and physical printing together than as we look forward to a new year of advances in technology and innovation. The world may be moving more and more into the digital age but printing still plays a massive part in media and communication, and will continue to do so for many years to come.


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  11. 25Dec 2014

    Merry Christmas from the team at Iceni

    Merry Christmas to all, from the team at Iceni!

    Iceni Christmas Card




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  13. 23Dec 2014

    Common Malware Threats within PDF Documents

    Mal – Malicious. Ware – Software. MalWare

    Malware has been around almost as long as the internet has, and there will always be hackers waiting for an opportunity to arise and to be taken advantage of. Every file type out there is far game, and it is important that web developers and users alike take comprehensive precautions to prevent against and stop malware entering their computers and websites, and tackle anything that does – quickly!


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  15. 02Dec 2014

    Commonly Translated Italian Words & Phrases

    This month, the beautiful country of Italy is under our spotlight.
    We take a closer look at some of the most commonly translated Italian words, so you don’t have to! (more…)

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  17. 27Nov 2014

    Country Spotlight: Canada

    Consisting of ten different provinces and three territories, Canada is located in North America and is home to over 35 million people. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Canada also has an extremely high education rate when compared with other countries in similar size.In this month’s spotlight, we take a closer look at some of Canada’s famous inhabitants and exports: (more…)

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  19. 20Nov 2014

    Anniversary of Windows 1.0

    Today is the anniversary of the day that Windows 1.0 was officially launched. Windows, developed by Microsoft, launched 1.0, a graphical personal computer operating system and it was the first of the well-known Windows line that we have come to love and rely on in recent years. (more…)

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