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  1. 02Dec 2014

    Commonly Translated Italian Words & Phrases

    This month, the beautiful country of Italy is under our spotlight.
    We take a closer look at some of the most commonly translated Italian words, so you don’t have to! (more…)

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  3. 27Nov 2014

    Country Spotlight: Canada

    Consisting of ten different provinces and three territories, Canada is located in North America and is home to over 35 million people. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Canada also has an extremely high education rate when compared with other countries in similar size.In this month’s spotlight, we take a closer look at some of Canada’s famous inhabitants and exports: (more…)

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  5. 20Nov 2014

    Anniversary of Windows 1.0

    Today is the anniversary of the day that Windows 1.0 was officially launched. Windows, developed by Microsoft, launched 1.0, a graphical personal computer operating system and it was the first of the well-known Windows line that we have come to love and rely on in recent years. (more…)

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  7. 13Nov 2014

    Commonly Used Canadian Words & Phrases

    This month, we are looking at Canada. Typically, in Canada, they speak English or Canadian French, so instead, we are looking at a few of the phrases that Canadians use in everyday life, and what they mean. Can you add anything to the list? (more…)

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  9. 09Nov 2014

    Firefox 1.0 introduced 2004

    Image credit:


    On the 9th November, 2004, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released to the public around the world. The developers behind the browsers issues a statement saying; “Now millions more will be able to enjoy a better web experience”. (more…)

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  11. 04Nov 2014

    Anniversary of UNIVAC computer predicting the presidential election, 1952

    On the 4th November 1952, a Remington Rand UNIAC computer was used by CBS News in America during its presidential election news night coverage.

    Although these days we are used to graphics appearing on screen to predict results and fancy graphics showing what each county overall have voted for for instance, back in 1952 this was all new technology! (more…)

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  13. 30Oct 2014

    Tech Round-Up – October 2014

    3D printing, crowdfunding and navigation apps – we’ve got it covered in this month’s technology roundup! (more…)

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  15. 25Oct 2014

    A look back at the official release of Windows XP, 2001

    On the 25th October, 2001, Microsoft released its latest offering, Windows XP.


    Bill Gates said at the time; “Simply put, Windows XP is the best operating system Microsoft has ever built.” (more…)

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  17. 17Oct 2014

    Country Spotlight: Czech Republic

    A small, landlocked country situated in central Europe, the Czech Republic was formerly known as Bohemia. Surrounded by Germany on the west, Austria on the south, Slovakia to the south east and Poland to the north east, the Czech Republic is home to over 10 million people. The capital, Prague is nearly 2 million of these call their home.

    We take a closer look at some of the Czech Republic’s famous inhabitants and exports: (more…)

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  19. A new face on the scene

    iPod Classic

    Perhaps slightly unbelievable, but 13 years ago today was the day that Steve Jobs released what was the start of the Apple revolution – the iPod.

    Plainly, one of the most important and praised contributions to technology, the iPod was launched to us in two models; the 5GB and then huge at the time, 10GB. It was thought quite widely, how on earth would it be possible to fill a 10GB iPod?! And just think, last month Apple launched a 128GB iPhone….!

    Compared to an iPod of current times, the first iPod would probably look like something that has come out of a museum, but when you put aside first appearances, the inner workings are still there, or thereabouts, today. Basic software mechanic of the devices, organisation of tracks and some playback controls are still around in the more modern devices.

    Back in 2001, Apple released a product that sent shockwaves through the tech world. Once known for its presence in a relatively niche market of computer enthusiasts, Apple was almost overnight catapulted into the spotlight.  What came next was almost unprecedented – a huge boost for the company, catapulting them to the tops of everyone’s wish list.

    The new plan from Steve Jobs was wall underway.

    And we all know what came next – the iPhone.

    And the rest as they say, is history!


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