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  1. 05Oct 2015

    Editing Greek PDFs

    I have received a sample price list in PDF and I tried to make some necessary changes as to to change names and description of the products into my language (Greek).

    I tried to do by using edit command of Acrobat but it was impossible.

    Then a friend of mine suggested to try to download infix PDF editor.

    I did it and in minutes I corrected all the names to Greek. It was the easiest, fastest more accurate work.

    I would like to suggest to anyone who wants to make changes on any PDF document to try Infix PDF editor.

    – Thomas Kolovos

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  3. 28Sep 2015

    A true PDF spell-check – worth the admission price

    Just the spell check alone is worth the money.

    As far as I know, there is no other PDF application nor plug in can really spell check the actual contents of the PDF, not even Acrobat itself. All others product claims to preform check can only check the “Comments” field.

    Some even suggest to go back to the original document file to run spell check there. Which is unpractical as most of us receive PDF file without the access to the original and we need to spell the PDF file.

    All the other features in Infix [are] just as good as Acrobat if not better. The “Contents Text Box” works well for extracting text from various part of the document and replace back to same file. Good for contents requiring translation.

    A time saver for this type of task if you need to have a few rounds of translation edits.

    – Kanam Ngan

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  5. 26Sep 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in October 2015

    IP Expo

    IP Expo

    October 7-8, 2015

    ExCel London

    This year’s IP Expo in Europe is due to take place in London on 7-8 October and presents 6 events under one roof;
    •    Cloud & Infrastructure Europe
    •    Cyber Security Europe
    •    Data Centre Europe
    •    Data Analytics Europe
    •    DevOps Europe
    •    Unified Communications Europe


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  7. 21Sep 2015

    Sustainability in the workplace; 6 months on

    Green workplace

    We wrote back in March about reducing the environmental impact of offices and workplaces, but nearly 6 months on, has this really taken hold? Saving paper, working electronically and buying environmentally friendly paper are all great ideas and sound great in theory, but do they actually work in practice, and have retailers and offices made an effort to reduce their environmental impact?


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  9. Antique books restored with PDF editor

    Your product is simply wonderful.

    We’ve tried most products regarding PDF conversion and editing but none offer the flexibility and ease of use as Infix.

    We restore books of antiquity and create new pages without the blemishes, library stamps and the like. Your product makes our job much easier and we are able to produce wonderful replicas of works of beauty restoring books of old.

    The additional features regarding tracking revisions and document protection are perfect for our business or any business that wishes to protect their PDF content on-line that has a collaborative workforce working on various aspects of a document.

    We especially like the “lightweight” impact on our systems meaning your product loads fast, does not slow down any operating system, and is compatible with office production and work-flow programs.

    We highly recommend Infix Pro for small or large projects.
    Please consider Infix Pro as your company standard for PDF editing. We did.

    – Gretchen Tresch

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  11. 14Sep 2015

    Managing Malware & Virus Risks in PDF Documents


    Whilst we boast that Infix is immune to all PDF viruses, not all PDF viewers or editing programs can say the same and it’s important that users are aware of what to look out for when they receive a PDF that contains multimedia content and/or hyperlinks (2 of the most common causes of malware spread via a PDF document).


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  13. Help with filling-out PDF tax returns

    I help non-resident landlords with their tax returns and find Infix PDF Editor incredibly helpful for filling out forms for companies and individuals. It’s very easy to use and makes editing forms quick and hassle free; I used to do drafts by hand for clients with multiple accounts – there is now no need to as I can simply make changes to the form on my PC and email clients their drafts.

    Fantastic product that I can highly recommend for home or office use! Very good for those that do self assessment.

    – Sam Clements

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  15. 09Sep 2015

    PDF Glossary of Terms

    Glossary of Terms

    Ever been working with a PDF editor and wondered what the terms being used mean? Redaction, CMYK, Reflow… they might sound like a foreign language (or techy language) to some, but we’ve put together this glossary in case you want to know more…

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  17. 01Sep 2015

    Windows 10 Introduces direct Print to PDF Function

    Windows 10

    Microsoft have finally caught up with MAC OS X and included Print to PDF as a direct feature for any document in Windows 10 that is open in a text editing program that can be printed from, such as Microsoft natives Word or Notepad, or third party programs like LibreOffice. This also applies to any file, not just text documents.


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  19. 28Aug 2015

    Avenza Systems release PDF Maps app 2.6

    Avenza PDF Maps

    If you’re in need of a PDF Maps app, look no further than the latest release of PDF Maps 2.6 for iOS from Avenza Systems. Avenza, suppliers of cartography and mapping software, released the new update on August 26th to include Map Bundles, localization for German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian users and improved OpenStreetMap search results.


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