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  1. 28Jul 2014

    Redacting PDFs – easy and secure with Infix

    I just wanted to send off a quick note to you – I am so impressed with your Infix PDF Editor. I am not the most savvy tech person out there, so I think that if I am able to use your product, most anyone out there should be able to do so as well.
    I was looking for a program that would allow me to black out text in PDFs. I really don’t have the budget for a higher priced solution at this time, so I was thrilled to learn that you had an option for me.
    Previously, I had to pull up PDFs in an image editing program (not Photoshop as that is waaay above my head) and fiddle around with stupid black boxes to cover up the sensitive information. Again, I know that I’m not the smartest when it comes to graphics and all of that, but it was something that I could on my own. Then I read that it would be possible to somehow strip away the boxes I made and see the information underneath? Scared the daylights out of me, to be honest.
    I AM pretty good at web searches at least, and I saw your Infix program while looking for a more secure method. It looked to be something that I could handle, so I gave it a try. I was really, really impressed at how easy it was. All I had to do was select the text ( I CAN copy and paste…lol ), then pick redact text I think it was and the sensitive information is covered up. I will have to take you at your word that it can’t be removed to see the information underneath, as I have no way of testing that on my own.
    So, a big thanks for making my life a little bit easier and more secure. I highly recommend this program…was very easy to use and really no learning curve at all. Keep up the great work!
    - Brian Fulton

    Edit: Please be assured, redaction is completley secure in Infix – once blacked-out, there’s no way anyone can reveal the original text or image.

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  3. 24Jul 2014

    Country Spotlight: Germany

    Boasting the largest national economy in Europe and with a strong leaning toward engineering, manufacturing and the service industry, it is little wonder that Germany is one of the top markets for PDF editing software. We feel it is important to explore some of the major contributions German inventors and companies have made to the wider world, so below we explore just some of their famous scientists, engineers and innovations.


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  5. 21Jul 2014

    Anniversary of the Rejection of the EU Software Patent Directive

    The subject of software patents remains a complex and controversial one and in July 2005 the EU Software Patent Directive, a draft law that was 3 years in the making to provide a consistent and coherent approach to the granting of patents within the EU, was rejected by the European Parliament with a majority vote of 648 to 14.


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  7. Editing educational PDFs – a user perspective

    In my job, I have many documents that I use which need to be altered. I often need to delete text, and objects, to protect identifiable information, I also need to editorialize the documents to explain and educate.
    I prefer to use PDF format files. They are easier to work with when I scan and they are universally accepted as a final product. Infix is great, because there are never any issues with the documents looking presentable when someone is using a different program to open the PDF, which is often an issue when using word, google docs or open office to edit the documents.
    I use the program in its advanced version, since I’d like to access all the features. It’s still fairly simple to use most features, though, if I’m honest, there’s so many advanced features that I’ve had to refer to the user manual more than once. The user manual is well written, very readable and demonstrates how to achieve the desired effects. So far I’m very happy with Infix.
    - Luke Barre

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  9. 16Jul 2014

    A pocket review of Infix PDF Editor


    • Easy to edit and create PDFs.
    • Lot of functionality.
    • Different editions to suit your tasks and budget.
    • Russian menu.
    • Navigation is clear if you’re familiar with any standard word processing program.
    • Comparably low price.


    • Watermark is embedded into saved pages or new files in demo-version.

    Extremely handy tool for creating and editing PDF, with OCR, spell checking, CAT-related capabilities and much more. Main menu is similar to word processors’ one, it’s very simple and there’s even no need for detailed downloadable user’s manual. This software is that an impressive as there almost no full-featured free PDF editors right now, most of them are shareware with strict limitations
    If you simply need to create PDF you can use a wide variety of programs, but in most cases you can’t directly edit the result afterwards, or you have nothing to do but print PDFs you got. Or, suppose, you received some questionnaire in PDF and don’t want to print it out, then fill it in, then scan it into, then… In such a cases the Infix PDF Editor is indispensable, and even unregistered version will not apply a watermark when working in form-filling mode!

    - Anastasia Zabotinaf

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  11. 14Jul 2014

    World Intellectual Property Organisation

    The 14th July 1967 marked the formation of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) a self-funding United Nations Agency whose headquarters are now located in Geneva.  The mission of the WIPO is “to lead the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property (IP) system”, in addition to encouraging creative activity and promoting the protection of intellectual property on a global basis.  At present it has 187 Member States and offers support and advice to Governments, businesses and individuals in relation to IP. (more…)

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  13. 08Jul 2014

    A Look at the Rumours Surrounding the iPhone 6

    iPhone Back Image

    The internet is rife with rumours and speculation regarding what Apple will bring us in the much anticipated iPhone6 release.  With June and September historically being Apple’s chosen months to launch previous models, and iOS8 having already been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, September is looking very promising for the arrival of iPhone6 which is generating ever increasing levels of interest.


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  15. 03Jul 2014

    IBM Announce the Model 650 Computer

    Image of IBM 650

    In July 1953 IBM announced the release of the IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data-Processing Machine, and such was its success that nearly 2,000 units were produced earning it the title of the world’s first mass-produced computer.


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  17. 27Jun 2014

    Introduction to Apple’s Swift – New Coding Language

    As well as unveiling iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this month, Apple also introduced us to Swift, its new programming language for iOS and OS X app development which is set to replace Objective-C – the object orientated programming language, making it easier and faster to develop API’s.


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  19. 25Jun 2014

    A Look at the New Features of Apple’s iOS 8

    iOS 8

    Earlier this month Apple unveiled iOS 8, it was billed as “The biggest release since the Launch of the App Store” and compared with its predecessor it comes with a great range of new features, offers increased performance speeds and an array of further enhancements that allow for a greater intuitive user experience.


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