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  1. 29Sep 2014

    Why Do People Use PDF?

    Adobe PDF Logo

    Portable Document Format or PDF software is very popular for a variety of reasons, some of which are the very reasons for which they often require specific editing software! Below, we take a look at the common reasons for using the PDF format, which will more than explained why it is so well used: (more…)

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  3. 16Sep 2014

    Commonly Translated Dutch Words

    Following on in our translation series, this month we have been looking at the most common words to be translated into Dutch, and vice versa – and we’re not talking about “Dunglish” either (more…)

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  5. 08Sep 2014

    Translating the ‘at sign’

    @ sign

    Communication is very important to us and no matter where we travel, people will be sharing knowledge using complex and usually ancient languages. Many Western languages share similar origins and a lot of word borrowing goes on. This has possibly never been more the case than now – rapid advancements in technology and an increasingly global community mean that we are sharing ideas almost instantly and these are often referred to by one term in many countries. We hope that by allowing access to essential PDF communications to our customers, wherever they are based in the world, we are assisting in the progression of ideas. We also like to look into how communication has changed and so decided to look into the mysterious staple of email and Twitter – @. (more…)

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  7. Editing PDF Landscape Plans with Infix

    Ok, I’m writing this because want the free licence, and I do like the software. I’d not bother otherwise.

    Why’s that? Because this is the first pdf editor which I tried that did exactly what I wanted in under 2 minutes, without me having any prior experience with it at all. That was after spending a good few hours looking for and trying various different pdf editors from all over the web. How frustrating!

    I must confess there was one other pdf editor that also did what I wanted, but it was all in German so took several minutes of trial and error to figure out, and plastered water marks all over my pdf. The other editors either crashed or were so basic they wouldn’t let me do the one thing I wanted…

    My task was really simple. I have this landscaping plan which I now want changed slightly. It is in pdf format, and all I want is to replace “paving as selected” by “permeable paving” in a label pointing to the yard. That’s really simple, you’d think. At least I thought it would be.

    While other pdf editors choked on this, the Infix PDF Editor just worked. Great!

    - Maciek Blasikiewics

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  9. 04Sep 2014

    Google founded September 4th 1998

    Today, Google is the most widely used search engine, with users the world over utilising it as their portal in the web. The 4th of September 2014 marks sixteen years since the company was founded, so we thought we’d explore just how it came to be… (more…)

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  11. 03Sep 2014

    Country Spotlight: Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a small yet densely populated country and is the second largest exporter of goods after the United States. Ruled as a Kingdom by current monarch Willem-Alexander (since 2013), the country has been responsible for producing some of the world’s tallest people – men average a height of 184cm and women 170cm! On a more serious note, the Netherlands has also been the home of many different inventions and famous personages, including: (more…)

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  13. 29Aug 2014

    Tech Round-Up – August 2014

    The new, the not-so-new and the updates – a roundup of technology August 2014.


    New DSA2LS from Shuttle


    The DSA2LS from Shuttle is a small form factor desktop running on Android. Completely fanless, it can run 24/7, as it has an idle power consumption of just 4 watts, as well as a 1 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. Low end this machine may be, but perfect for tasks such as playing media, monitoring and automation. (more…)

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  15. 28Aug 2014

    Twenty three years since the first email from space

    Space Shuttle

    On the 28th of August 1991, communication history was made when the first email was sent from space to Earth. Two astronauts aboard the Atlantis Space Shuttle, James C. Adamson and Shannon Lucid, sent the following message to Marcia Ivins at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas:  (more…)

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  17. Infix PDF Editor vous donne l’opportunité d’ouvrir et de modifier le contenu des fichiers PDF

    Bonne nouvelle… Infix PDF Editor vous donne l’opportunité d’ouvrir et de modifier le contenu des fichiers PDF. Enfin un logiciel qui m’évite la nécessité de convertir mes documents dans un autres format.

    Il travaille comme mon programme de traitement de texte et autorise tous les types de retouches. J’ai même l’opportunité d’éditer les textes existants et d’y ajouter des images en plus. Oui, ce logiciel compte des outils de manipulation des graphiques tels que des fonctions de regroupement ou de masquage entre autres.

    De plus, il est possible de prospecter et de trouver rapidement un texte ou un hyperlien dans un document volumineux. Grâce à un mode «batch» intégré, cette recherche peut être effectuée simultanément sur plusieurs de mes fichiers PDF, voire même dans plusieurs répertoires de mon ordinateur.

    Selon moi la cerise sur le Sunday c’est qu’avec cet utilitaire, j’ai l’opportunité de grouper plusieurs de mes fichiers PDF en un seul et nouveau document. Très pratique cette option quand ont faits beaucoup de recherches et de chroniques. C’est simple, pour cela, il lui suffit de glisser/déposer les fichiers voulus sur l’interface du programme et de lancer la tâche via le bouton dédié. Enfin un éditeur pas compliqué. Je vous le recommande.

    - Steve Tremblay

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  19. 22Aug 2014

    A worm in space?

    The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour approximately 220 miles from the planet’s surface. A scientific wonder and a demonstration of a collaborative project between numerous countries, the ISS was created to enable us to expand our knowledge through experimentation and observation and to provide a base from which missions to the moon could possibly take place in the future. Teams of scientists from various countries visit the station, with the average posting as a crew member on board lasting about six months.  (more…)

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