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  1. 08Feb 2016

    Cloning Across Briefs Encountered

    'cuz i just get enough of papers by Valentin Ottone


    Working in the legal industry, I encounter many briefs and other PDF documents that may require watermarks and headers or footers to be removed before they can be distributed.

    Considering that those documents can run to thousands of pages, and may be brought to my attention at very short notice, modifying a document one page at a time has previously been challenging and tedious at the very least.

    Features of Infix, particularly “Clone Across Pages” and “Delete Across Pages” have the capacity to negate a menial task, meaning my attention can be focused on far more important and complex issues.

    Infix appears to be just the standalone program that I and many colleagues have been looking for – the alternative to date has involved multiple programs and complicated workflows. In Infix it’s as simple as point, click, delete and save.

    Based on my experiences with Infix to date I have no reservations about recommending the program to anyone who needs .pdf editing as part of their professional toolkit.

    – Thomas Primrose

    Image: Creative Commons‘cuz i just get enough of papers by Valentin Ottone

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  3. 01Feb 2016

    Editing PDF Music Manuscripts

    As a pianist I am always looking to print new piano scores and make booklets myself.

    Before printing the pdf often needs to be reworked. I like to join multiple pieces together, so the page numbering has to be redone. The headers and footers need to be modified or deleted.
    All of these can be easily done with the “delete all instances” function in Infix. So there is no need to do it page by page, which is a real time saver.

    Infix PDF is definitely more powerful then Adobe Acrobat Pro when it comes to modifying a PDF. It is easier and more intuitive to modify the font of a text, making it bigger or smaller or put it in bold. And it also allowed me to move text where Acrobat Pro would not let me move it!

    For the musically inspired amongst us: you can even copy paste a complete staff of music! I use that feature personally to add a content table to the pdf. The content table then shows the first line of each piece, just as if you would buy a real book with sheet music.

    I would recommend Infix to anyone that is looking for a decent PDF editor.


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  5. 25Jan 2016

    Accurate Form-Filling for the OCD Perfectionist


    I find that Infix allows me to work with difficult to edit PDFs.

    Many government documents including Bankruptcy forms (specifically what I use it for) annoy the heck out of me because I am a perfectionist and like a clean looking document but unfortunately many times the text I type does not align with the pre written text alignment.

    I find the use of text boxes in Infix to be a great way to fix it. Even with the option to use floating text boxes to fill forms it also allows the option to use the preexisiting fields to type in answers – traditional style. You can fill in the forms in the way you want want or both on one page, preexisisting fields and or [new] text boxes.

    I also like the word processing design and ease to use of Infix.
    I would suggest it for any OCD person! LOL

    – Charles Flemming

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  7. 18Jan 2016

    Are Online Flipbooks Making a Comeback?

    Chicago Tribune


    Online Flipbooks are like CDs and tapes; they were popular once but soon cast into the sea of obscurity by new advances in technology, destined to be included on the “Remember this retro technology” pages on Buzzfeed and shared on Facebook as relics of a bygone technical age. Traditional paper flipbooks haven’t fared as badly and are still used here and there – and the London International Animation Festival typically features a Flipbook Challenge so they’re still in pop culture and current news, but online flipbooks (usually created using Flash which is also a dying breed) sadly seemed to decline as new technologies came in, such as HTML5.


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  9. 04Jan 2016

    Brazilian Designs On Infix

    O sofware Infix tem me ajudado não tarefas de rotinas, pois trabalho com auto-cad e os arquivos são salvos no formado em PDF, algumas coisas tenho por costume de revisar manualmente no papel para depois corrigilas no Infix e depois faço a conversão para o auto-cad novamente. Esta ferramenta facilitou muito a minha vida no dia a dia.

    – Luiz Henrique Leal


    TRANSLATED: Infix has helped Luiz with routine tasks such as working with autocad PDF files.

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  11. 01Jan 2016

    Avenza PDF Maps launches Affiliate Program

    Avenza PDF Maps

    2015 was a big year for Avenza Maps and 2016 looks set on the same path, as the company have launched their PDF Maps Retail Affiliate program. Aimed at monetising map purchases for map publishers and travel themed retailers, the program will use affiliate links and QR codes to earn the affiliate in question a share of the revenue on each purchase made.

    The program is free to join and has no ongoing fees or setup costs, with the ability for existing vendors of the Avenza PDF Maps to opt in also and earn additional commission.

    The launch of this program will help to raise brand awareness of Avenza PDF Maps and, with the inclusion of new maps in the software, this is hopefully set to be a success for the company!

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  13. Happy New Year 2016

    New Year 2016

    Well, it’s here again – January 1st, a time for reflection and new beginnings! We hope 2016 is a prosperous one for all of our customers, both present and future!

    Happy New Year!

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  15. 25Dec 2015

    Merry Christmas 2015

    Christmas hat


    All of us at Iceni would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone who has worked with us through the year! A happy and prosperous 2016 to all!


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  17. 22Dec 2015

    Send PDF files on Windows Phones using Hike Messenger


    If you use Hike on your Windows Phone then you’ll be interested to know that a major update has been rolled out in Beta that has seen the messaging service undergo a major design and functionality change. The official release notes for the update state that Hike has been practically rewritten from scratch (17,378 lines of code to date) and users will notice a big difference as soon as they log on after updating. A brand new interface has been introduced, pushing simpler and easier navigation for users, as well as a wide range of features including 10 new chat themes, enhanced group admin settings and the option to mute group chats (which can also now have up to 500 members).


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  19. 19Dec 2015

    BatchOutput offers Enhanced PDF Functionality on Mac OS X El Capitan


    Microsoft Office users on Mac machines will be interested in the latest update to BatchOutput Office Suite, the popular output automation program that works alongside Word, Excel and Powerpoint to automate printing and PDF production within these programs.


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