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  1. 22Apr 2015

    “Such a precious product!”

    Hi, my name is Ramina and I’m from Russia!

    I have been using Infix PDF Editor for about 5 year working as a translator and I really love it! It’s a great product for translators all over the world, because they often receive documents in PDF that are hardly converted into editable format, esp. if they include tables, signatures, pictures and so on.


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  3. 21Apr 2015

    Most commonly translated Polish words

    poland flag






    Poland, officially known as the Republic of Poland is a popular country boarded a number of countries; Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Poland is considered the 34th most popular country in the world and comes in at number 6 for the most popular member of the European Union.

    Polish – English

    Polish Word English Translation
    Witaj Hello
    Proszę You’re welcome
    Po co? What for?
    Jaki masz zawód? What is your profession?
    Pieniądze Money
    Z poważaniem Regards (for use in an email / letter)
    Dzisiaj today
    Wczoraj yesterday
    To jest this is
    Nieważne nevermind


    English – Polish


    English Word Polish Translation
    again ponownie
    before przed
    business biznes
    Yours faithfully
    z poważaniem


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  5. 20Apr 2015

    How to Save Microsoft Office Documents as PDF Files

    Microsoft initially introduced the option to save files from their various Office applications as PDF documents as early as 2007, (alongside a whole range of existing file type options such as jpg, xls, csv and xps across different programs). Even though these options exist, however, doesn’t mean that all users are aware of them – so we’ve put together this simple guide to saving your office document as a PDF.


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  7. 17Apr 2015

    Inspired to blog by PDF editing awesomeness!

    Awesome software!

    I wanted to edit PDF price lists received from my suppliers, change the prices to my sales prices, send to my clients. I could not do so in other software.

    I tried many others – downloaded, tried, un-installed – but could not get the result I wanted. On Infix – it was so easy and a breeze to change.


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  9. 09Apr 2015

    Can an estate agent make good use of a PDF editor?

    Estate Agent


    PDFs are used in a range of industries from leisure to marketing, catering to translators, but one industry that may come as a surprise is real estate. It possibly shouldn’t; after all, estate agents give out details about every house on their books to prospective buyers or renters, and these have to be created and edited somehow.

    Next time you drive by an estate agent’s window, just think of all the properties available, usually displayed with full-colour images and details in the window. Those also have to be created and edited from a template, and this is where a good PDF editor comes in.


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  11. 02Apr 2015

    A PDF editor for closing property deals

    I receive so many documents in PDF format and find that I cannot edit or sign them.

    Presently I am trying to do a closing on a property in Florida and I am in New York. All the documents are being sent to me in PDF form and the only thing I can do is read and save them. I decided to download this program to see if it would solve the problem.


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  13. 31Mar 2015

    Technology Trade Shows Coming Up in April 2015

    Digital Hollywood Spring – 2015

    April 27-30

    Ritz Carlton Hotel, Marina del Rey, California

    The summit for anyone interested in the world of digital media, Digital Hollywood Spring 2015 is being held at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Ray, California this year and will cover a wide range of strategic sessions over the 3 days, including The Power of YouTube, Broadcasting without Borders and Native & Contextual Strategies: From Youtube & Facebook Programming and OTT Delivery to Mobile.


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  15. 28Mar 2015

    Avoiding Malware Threats

    Secure Computer


    Back in December, we wrote about the common malware threats that can attack PDF documents, especially the CVE-2014-0496 threat, classed as severe then and still a big threat now. Today, we want to address how to avoid malware from the start.


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  17. 26Mar 2015

    Personal Uses for A PDF Editing Program

    Man on computer

    You may think its only businesses that would have a need to download and use a PDF editing program but we find that quite a large proportion of our customers use Infix on a day-to-day personal basis. A lot of people have hobbies that involve creating and editing documents, and if those documents are PDFs and no original source file can be found, they face the same problems as a business does with getting those documents edited.


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  19. 24Mar 2015

    Commonly Translated Danish Words

    Danish flag flying






    Following on from our recent series, we are looking at most commonly translated Danish words

    Denmark – a country with strong historical and cultural ties to Sweden and Norway and with a population of just over 5 million people as of Jan 2015, Denmark is a popular European country with studies noting that it is one of the happiest countries in the world! We look at some of the most commonly used and translated Danish words.

    Danish – English

    Danish Word English Translation
    det the
    at have having
    jeg I
    fra of, from, by, than, in, with
    Ikke Do not
    modvilje dislike
    aften evening
    muligt possible
    du you
    dem them


    English – Danish

    English Word Danish Translation
    again igen
    before før
    first første
    Yours faithfully
    Med venlig hilsen


    Image credit


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