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  1. 22Aug 2014

    A worm in space?

    The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour approximately 220 miles from the planet’s surface. A scientific wonder and a demonstration of a collaborative project between numerous countries, the ISS was created to enable us to expand our knowledge through experimentation and observation and to provide a base from which missions to the moon could possibly take place in the future. Teams of scientists from various countries visit the station, with the average posting as a crew member on board lasting about six months.  (more…)

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  3. 17Aug 2014

    Country Spotlight: France

    French Flag

    As the fifth largest global economy by nominal GDP and the largest country in the European Union (EU) by area, it is little wonder that France is recognised as a major power internationally. The second most populated country in the EU overall, the commercial centre of France is the capital city Paris, the metropolitan area of which has a population of 12,292,895. Boasting Europe’s second largest economy, France is home to 31 Fortune Global 500 companies and is known for its industry, energy, agricultural and tourist sectors – all of which can, and do, benefit from effective PDF editing software. Below we celebrate some of France’s top inventors, companies and innovations:


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  5. 12Aug 2014

    Thirty-three years since the IBM PC introduced MS-DOS

    IBM PC

    MS-DOS occupies a prominent place in the history of PC operating systems. An abbreviation of Microsoft Disk Operating System, it was widely used prior to the introduction of Windows in 1985. The program was initially requested by IBM, who required operating software for a range of personal computers. MS-DOS 1.0 was launched by Microsoft on August 12 1981, having been adapted from 86-DOS, which was written by programmer Tim Paterson for Seattle Computer Products.  (more…)

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  7. 11Aug 2014

    Search & replace through hundreds of PDFs

    I tried several PDF editors before giving Infix PDF Editor a try, and I’ll never have to try another! I even have Adobe Acrobat Pro, which I assumed would cover all of my PDF needs, but it’s glaring lack of a single feature which I assumed would be available, and commonly required by many users, sent me searching for a better PDF solution.

    I had a batch of hundreds of documents, all of which were titled with our university department’s name. When the department consolidated and changed it’s official name, I needed to perform a simple search and replace from the old name to the new, on all the documents. This is a simple batch procedure, and I was amazed that Acrobat Pro did NOT have this capability. It seemed so obvious I was tempted to ask Adobe for my money back! After seeing positive reviews for Infix PDF Editor online, I downloaded the trial version and was blown away! The interface is incredibly intuitive. Without reading any documentation, it took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to set up my batch find and replace, and the whole job executed within minutes. The replaced text flawlessly adopted the font style and size of the original text, and flowed perfectly.

    Sorry Adobe, I paid for your product and it came up short. Infix PDF Editor is the ticket!

    - Ryan Hill

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  9. 04Aug 2014

    French Words, Translated

    So far we have examined commonly translated Russian and German words. This month we thought we’d investigate another country whose translation services benefit from PDF editing software: France. Below are lists of some of the most commonly used words in French and English and their translations. (more…)

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  11. 31Jul 2014

    German Words, Translated

    Following on from our blog on the most common Russian words to be translated into English, we have also had a look at the most common German words below: (more…)

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  13. 28Jul 2014

    Redacting PDFs – easy and secure with Infix

    I just wanted to send off a quick note to you – I am so impressed with your Infix PDF Editor. I am not the most savvy tech person out there, so I think that if I am able to use your product, most anyone out there should be able to do so as well.
    I was looking for a program that would allow me to black out text in PDFs. I really don’t have the budget for a higher priced solution at this time, so I was thrilled to learn that you had an option for me.
    Previously, I had to pull up PDFs in an image editing program (not Photoshop as that is waaay above my head) and fiddle around with stupid black boxes to cover up the sensitive information. Again, I know that I’m not the smartest when it comes to graphics and all of that, but it was something that I could on my own. Then I read that it would be possible to somehow strip away the boxes I made and see the information underneath? Scared the daylights out of me, to be honest.
    I AM pretty good at web searches at least, and I saw your Infix program while looking for a more secure method. It looked to be something that I could handle, so I gave it a try. I was really, really impressed at how easy it was. All I had to do was select the text ( I CAN copy and paste…lol ), then pick redact text I think it was and the sensitive information is covered up. I will have to take you at your word that it can’t be removed to see the information underneath, as I have no way of testing that on my own.
    So, a big thanks for making my life a little bit easier and more secure. I highly recommend this program…was very easy to use and really no learning curve at all. Keep up the great work!
    - Brian Fulton

    Edit: Please be assured, redaction is completley secure in Infix – once blacked-out, there’s no way anyone can reveal the original text or image.

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  15. 24Jul 2014

    Country Spotlight: Germany

    Boasting the largest national economy in Europe and with a strong leaning toward engineering, manufacturing and the service industry, it is little wonder that Germany is one of the top markets for PDF editing software. We feel it is important to explore some of the major contributions German inventors and companies have made to the wider world, so below we explore just some of their famous scientists, engineers and innovations.


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  17. 21Jul 2014

    Anniversary of the Rejection of the EU Software Patent Directive

    The subject of software patents remains a complex and controversial one and in July 2005 the EU Software Patent Directive, a draft law that was 3 years in the making to provide a consistent and coherent approach to the granting of patents within the EU, was rejected by the European Parliament with a majority vote of 648 to 14.


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  19. Editing educational PDFs – a user perspective

    In my job, I have many documents that I use which need to be altered. I often need to delete text, and objects, to protect identifiable information, I also need to editorialize the documents to explain and educate.
    I prefer to use PDF format files. They are easier to work with when I scan and they are universally accepted as a final product. Infix is great, because there are never any issues with the documents looking presentable when someone is using a different program to open the PDF, which is often an issue when using word, google docs or open office to edit the documents.
    I use the program in its advanced version, since I’d like to access all the features. It’s still fairly simple to use most features, though, if I’m honest, there’s so many advanced features that I’ve had to refer to the user manual more than once. The user manual is well written, very readable and demonstrates how to achieve the desired effects. So far I’m very happy with Infix.
    - Luke Barre

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