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PDF Scam

Assessment Document PDF Phishing Scam

Late last week the SANS Internet Storm Center published a warning concerning a new and active phishing scam that uses PDF attachments in an attempt to gather user email credentials. The bulletin, which was published initially on the SANS website, includes screenshots of the PDF attachment that was reported to them.

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New Save PDF to SVG feature introduced to Spire.Office

Spire.Office has been updated to include a new feature to save Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint files to SVG format. Spire.Office, part of E-iceblue’s portfolio of .NET, Silverlight and WPF development components, is available for all 3 frameworks and includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation components.

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PDF 2.0

PDF 2.0 due for Release in 2017

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have announced that PDF 2.0 is (finally) due for release in 2017, 9 years after Adobe turned over ownership in 2008.

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New Dropbox update allows for in-app PDF signing on iOS devices

If you’ve found it frustrating that you can’t sign a PDF “in-app” whilst using Dropbox, you’re sure to be pleased with the new update released for iOS users. Aimed at boosting mobile productivity for those who need to work on the move, the new update allows PDF users to sign where needed digitally and then re-save (either as a copy or to the original). Users can also edit other fields, adding text to appropriate fields and save to the file.

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Memsource integrates with

We’re pleased to report that on-line translation specialists Memsource have launched an update to their platform which includes direct integration with TransPDF.

Now Memsource 6.0 users can go from PDF->XLIFF->PDF using the combined power of Memsource and Users will need to register for a free account then enter their new account details into the Memsource platform.

Since all new accounts get 50 free pages, some will find that’s plenty for their first PDF translations.

Read the company’s announcement for further details.

Read our own step-by-step guide to using Memsource with TransPDF.


Avenza Maps

PDF Maps App renamed to Avenza Maps

We’ve written about the PDF Maps app available from Avenza Systems previously, and the latest update from the company is one that aims to define their status in the marketplace as a leader in the Maps marketplace. The app has now been rebranded from PDF Maps to Avenza Map, and comes complete with a refreshed icon and website that caters more to both commercial and personal users.

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WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp Adds Functionality to Send & Receive PDF Files

If you’re an iOS WhatsApp user you’ll be pleased to know you can finally send and receive PDF files after update 2.12.15 was rolled out on March 6th. This service works with files that are both saved locally or stored in the cloud, and also enables permission for file sharing of photos and videos of cloud based content. Android users have been able to do this for a while, so iOS users will be no doubt pleased to catch up.

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Iceni’s new service translates your PDFs with the push of a button!

Translating a PDF can be time-consuming, as you’re forced to edit text separately using tools which don’t always retain the right formatting, colours and fonts. unlocks the potential of your PDFs, taking your original PDF source, replacing the text with accurate translations from your preferred tools and providing a high quality, ready-to-use document.

Simply upload your PDF through our secure online tool, translate the text and in a matter of seconds will provide you with a fully formatted, translated PDF document.

Visit and put us to the test – your first 50 pages are free.

Problems Printing Microsoft Office Documents as PDF files

Sometimes problems creep up when mixing Microsoft Office Documents and PDF creation or authoring software.  Most PDF software installs a toolbar into Microsoft Office as long as the Office installation is first completed.  If you have installed your PDF software before MS Office, uninstall it and reinstall it.  That should solve some problems related to the toolbar.

Sometimes documents may print in a strange way.  It has been known to have some multi-page documents print to a PDF with thousands of pages, most of them blank or having strange hieroglyphics on the pages.  Usually this happens after a Microsoft update or Office security patch.

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PDF displayed on an iPad

PDF Reader Pro Updated

Rundown Of New Features


A successful company can go in one of two directions – innovate or consolidate. Innovation is the watchword at YUYAO Software, the makers of the number one iOS PDF app, PDF Reader Pro, and this month sees the release of a much anticipated update for its users.



The update, which has been rolled out for free to all existing users (new users will automatically receive the new version when they purchase the app) has many new features, some requested from their substantial user base, some because YUYAO Software like to give their users cool new features.


One of the key reasons for the app’s immense popularity was the ability to complete PDF forms, and, understandably, it is here that YUYAO have concentrated their efforts on improving the user experience. The PDF form display has been sharpened and the range of PDF form formats that are supported has been increased.


The Apple iPad 3 boasts faster hardware, sharper visuals and an improved all round experience for users. The new hardware also laid down a gauntlet to software developers, pushing them to try and get the best out of Apple’s stunning new hardware. And it is here that you can really see a lot of the background work that YUYAO have done.


Although PDF Reader Pro does work well on both the original iPad and last year’s iPad 2, the new software update really harnesses the new processing power and the beautiful, pin-sharp screen of the iPad 3 to deliver the user an immersive, slick experience.


At last week’s WWDC, Apple announced the imminent release of a major new software update for its mobile devices (iOS 6). They have thrown down the gauntlet again. We will have to wait and see how developers, YUYAO Software included, respond. However, with innovation and improvement underling the ethos of YUYAO, users of PDF Reader Pro will not be left behind.