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If you need bulk conversion of PDF documents to any text or image format, Argus presents the ideal, "industrial strength" solution.

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This release keeps Argus current with the latest developments in the PDF format.

  • Improved support for latest versions of PDF
  • Broader platform coverage (Intel Solaris, latest Linux, MacOSX)
  • Support for JPEG2000 and JBIG2 image exports
  • Improved rendering with transparency support
  • New macros for simple arithmetic operations – ADD, DIV, SUB, MULT

Single Server License- $2,995
Upgrade - $799
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"I wanted to email you a while back to say that Argus version 5.0 has worked very well for us and I wanted to say nice work."
Minneapolis, USA
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Argus accurately converts the majority of PDF document types including financial/report based, newspaper/magazines, books and even structured PDF.

It comes with a selection of pre-configured output schemes including HTML and RTF which may be extended, modified or completely re-written to produce any text-based output format required.

With its built-in rendering engine, image export and scaling facilities, the software can also handle any aspect of image generation or conversion you need.

Argus is packaged as a command-line driven Solaris (Sparc), Linux (x86), or Windows application. The stand-alone application does not require any Adobe software and can operate comfortably on a "headless" server machine using on-demand script calls or via its built-in spooler.


Argus allows you to re-configure every aspect of the PDF conversion down to the level of individual tags, line-breaks and analysis behaviour. This means that it is possible to generate text output in almost any format you require whether it be a proprietary tagging scheme of your own or a standard markup language.

The package includes an extensive set of pre-configured schemes including:

  • configurations for text, HTML and RTF that re-flow the output
  • HTML and RTF configurations for preserving layout
  • "tabtext" configuration designed for accurate export of tabular data such as stock market reports, inventories and invoices
  • "gridText" configuration for retaining layout in plain text output
  • article thread export configurations
  • image export and page rendering configurations


Examples & Result

The following pages detail the purpose and effects of each of the bundled configurations.

Software Development Kit - "SDK"

Argus includes a SDK with support for C, C++ and Visual Basic. Using the SDK, the full power of Argus can be seamlessly incorporated into your own Visual Basic applications and "C/C++" programs.

In fact, any application requiring the ability to convert or render PDF documents can be rapidly developed using the simple API provided by the SDK.

Information Macros

Argus also offers a large set of meta-data macros enabling you to extract and embed PDF-specific information in your output.

The macros cover things such as page number, title, filename, font names etc. You can even extract proprietary embedded fields from the information dictionary if your current system requires it.

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Choose the software package for your system. If you have a system not catered for in the list below, please let us know.

System Size
Compatible with Windows Windows (2000, 2003, XP, Vista) 45MB
Compatible with Solaris 8+ and 10 Solaris 8+ (Sparc) 35MB
Solaris 10 (Intel) 32MB
Compatible with Linux Linux (Intel) 42MB
Compatible with Mac OSX MacOSX (PPC) 42MB

All images and random words are corrupted to render them unusable except for testing purposes. For text, the corruption is in the form
of random sequences of X’s replacing some characters. For images, the corruption is a watermark added to the image.


Use the following links to purchase licenses for Argus on any supported platform (Windows 7, 8 32/64bit, Linux, MacOSX, Sparc):

Upgrade from any previous version plus 12 month support & maintenance
Single Server License*

Purchasing a license enables you to activate any of the demo versions available above. Send the key-code generated by Argus when you run it on the target system. We will send you a counter-code to complete the activation.

Initial Support

The initial 12 month support period includes:

  • Latest build of Argus for your platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Sparc)
  • Production of hot-fix builds as required to resolve immediate issues
  • Email support response within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Access to all scheduled Argus updates throughout the year

To obtain this level of support after the initial 12 month period, purchase a full license of Argus again.

On-going Support

After the initial 12 months, we offer a $799 support package that includes:

  • Latest build of Argus for your platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Sparc)
  • Production of up to two (2) hot-fix builds to resolve immediate issues
  • Email support response within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Access to all scheduled Argus updates throughout the year


If you need to embed the functionality of Argus in your own products, we can provide competitive licensing terms for most applications. Please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

Some Argus Customers...

Amazon Inc.
Associated Newspapers Ltd.
Cerisent Corp.
City Pages LLC.


Defense Intelligence Agency (US), Inc.
Infocon International Ltd.
Mark Logic Corporation

Morgan Stanley
Proquest Information & Learning
Thomson Inc.

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Trinity Mirror Plc.
VersusLaw Inc.
Vertis Inc.
WebMD Inc.

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