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Adstract is an advanced, multi-user system enabling rapid conversion of recruitment, property and car ads to HTML, XML, Fish4 or any other mark-up language. The system accepts ads as PostScript, PDF or even scanned artwork.

Adstract - The UK’s best selling web conversion system for display adverts

Adstract is an advanced, multi-user system enabling rapid conversion of recruitment, property and car ads to HTML, XML, Fish4 or any other mark-up language. The system accepts ads as PostScript, PDF or even scanned artwork.

Tried and tested throughout the UK by the largest newspaper groups in Europe, Adstract is now used on a daily basis processing hundreds of ads nationwide. Since its launch two years ago, the system has earned a reputation for being fast, easy to use and reliable.


How Does Adstract Work?

Adstract analyses each ad received, identifying important information such as location, job title, contact details and salary, for example, and converting this plus the remaining content into HTML (even including images if required).

The system then displays the real ad and the converted HTML version including all the fielded meta data it identified on the screen side-by-side. At this point the user is able to manually add meta data using HTML pop-ups, such as publish date, and to verify that the conversion is correct.

On pressing the OK button, the completed conversion is posted to your in-house database or storage system ready for publishing. Faster than re-keying and guaranteed to be accurate since it has been checked by your own staff.


Multiple Users, Only One Install

Adstract is entirely web based. Users need nothing but a standard web browser in order to begin converting ads. All the viewing, analysis and conversion of ads is done on a central server using Iceni’s own advanced PDF technologies. Even administration of the system is done using HTML enabling rapid administration from any machine in your organisation.


How Fast Is It?

During real-world usage from multiple sites in the UK, the time from initial display of an original ad to final approval of the converted version is normally around 1 minute or less.

This kind of performance coupled with the fact that there is no limit on the number of simultaneous users, means that the system is more then capable of handling even the most demanding workloads.

Full SQL Tracking At All Stages

Adstract interfaces, via standard SQL, to a database in which it tracks all stages of conversion from initial submission to final posting to your own web publishing system.

At any time, reports can be provided detailing the ads that have been submitted, whether or not they have been converted and if they have received final approval.


External Ad Submissions

Since Adstract is completely web based, it can be configured to allow ad submissions from outside your organisation – perhaps from frequent advertisers or trusted design agencies.

Each external user, with a user name and password, gets access to the same fast and friendly conversion process as your own staff and can submit to you both the original and converted forms of their own ads.

Since the database tracks all submissions, you will know who has provided the ad and can hold their submission in an approval state pending payment or other arrangements you care to make.

This ability to accept submissions from approved external sources, offers you the chance to share the workload and provide your clients with direct control over the web content of their display ads.


What About My Current Workflow?

The best format for input of ads to Adstract is PDF. If you are not doing so already, PDF is easily produced as a by-product of your PostScript pre-press system using software such as Adobe’s Acrobat Distiller.


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If you are based in USA or Europe we would be happy to visit you to demonstrate Adstract so please contact us


Some Adstract Customers...

Trinity Mirror Group
UK’s largest newspaper publisher


The Chronicle of Higher Education
No. 1 source of news, information,
and jobs for higher education in USA


One of the UK’s largest independent media businesses

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NewsQuest Southern
UK’s 2nd largest regional
newspaper publisher

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