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Unsere Software zur PDF-Bearbeitung reicht vom einfachen Infix PDF Editor für den Desktop bis zur Power-Plattform Infix Server mit allen Funktionen zur Bearbeitung und Verwaltung von PDFs für Websites und Asset-Management-Systeme.

TransPDF ist mit Ihrem Übersetzungsprogramm kompatibel, sodass Sie nahtlos übersetzte Dokumente in höchster Qualität produzieren können.

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Tips for editing scanned PDFs – Part 2

In part 1 we covered cleaning-up a single-page, scanned PDF to make it ready for OCR. This produced a better quality scan which was then more likely to give better OCR results. This tutorial shows a similar process but for a multi-page PDF – one that’s just too long to make editing each page by […]

Tips for editing scanned PDFs – Part 1

Dealing with scanned PDFs can be tricky since the quality of both the source material and the scan can vary enormously. Scans have to be processed using OCR so they need to be good quality to get useful results. If not, you’ll tend to get gibberish text which can render the whole OCR process a […]

Create interactive PDF forms with Infix PDF Editor

The latest update to Infix adds a set of new tools and functionality to enable creation of interactive forms with buttons, check-boxes, lists and other useful widgets. As well as creating your own, you can also edit forms created by other people in other applications and import/export data to and from forms in standard XML […]

Wrapping text around awkward shapes

Sometimes you need to make your paragraphs flow around a picture or diagram, hugging the boundary but not overlapping it. This is difficult to do using just paragraphs and adjusting right and left margins. Infix has a trick up it’s sleeve which can get you out trouble in this respect. Hidden deep in the text […]