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Professionelle PDF-Bearbeitung via Desktop, Server und Internet

Unsere Software zur PDF-Bearbeitung reicht vom einfachen Infix PDF Editor für den Desktop bis zur Power-Plattform Infix Server mit allen Funktionen zur Bearbeitung und Verwaltung von PDFs für Websites und Asset-Management-Systeme.

TransPDF ist mit Ihrem Übersetzungsprogramm kompatibel, sodass Sie nahtlos übersetzte Dokumente in höchster Qualität produzieren können.

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Create interactive PDF forms with Infix PDF Editor

The latest update to Infix adds a set of new tools and functionality to enable creation of interactive forms with buttons, check-boxes, lists and other useful widgets. As well as creating your own, you can also edit forms created by other people in other applications and import/export data to and from forms in standard XML […]

Wrapping text around awkward shapes

Sometimes you need to make your paragraphs flow around a picture or diagram, hugging the boundary but not overlapping it. This is difficult to do using just paragraphs and adjusting right and left margins. Infix has a trick up it’s sleeve which can get you out trouble in this respect. Hidden deep in the text […]

The 3 types of scanned PDFs

Did you know there are actually 3 different types of scanned PDF which can, if you’re not careful, complicate the task of translation: The simple scan – every page is just an image. Searchable scans – each image has hidden text behind it. Mixed – can include scanned images, hidden and real text all in […]

Ignore page headers and footers in PDF

When you want to get the text out of a PDF for translation or any other reason, headers and footers can cause problems. Often repeated across every page, they break up your text-flow and are time consuming to remove. Fortunately it’s pretty simple to tell Infix PDF Editor to ignore header and footer regions before […]