Dropping a Single PDF

When you drag & drop a single PDF onto an open PDF document you can:

  • Open the file, closing the current document.
  • Open the file in a new window, leaving the currently open document as it is.
  • Insert pages from the PDF into the current document
  • Place a page from the PDF onto a page in the current document
  • Do a side-by-side comparison of both PDFs but only if they have the same number of pages

Dropping an XLIFF File

If you drop an XLIFF file onto Infix it will proceed to Import the translation if the XLIFF was originally generated via TransPDF.

Dropping Multiple Files

When you drag & drop multiple PDF files onto Infix you can:

  • Join the files into a single PDF - if they are all PDF to start with.
  • Create a new Portfolio document which is a single PDF containing other files (not just PDFs) inside it.
  • Place images on the current page - if the files are all images.
  • Create a new photo album with 1 image per page, if the files being dropped are all images and there is no document current open in Infix.
  • Do a side-by-side comparison but only if you drop two PDFs and they have the same number of pages.