A summary of the settings, dates, author and other information about the current PDF can be viewed by choosing Document->Properties...
Document Properties

This data is stored in a non-human readable form inside the PDF.

  • Click on the Modified: hyperlink to open the PDF’s Change Log.
  • Click on the Security: hyperlink to open the Document Security dialog box.
  • Resource Page: indicates if the PDF has an embedded Iceni resource page. Resource pages are for use with Infix Server.
  • The Creator and Producer labels are read-only and cannot be edited. If a document has been edited by Infix it will have (Infix) appended to the Creator label.
  • If the current document is part of a Portfolio the dialog will display the properties of the containing PDF. To see the properties of individual documents within the Portfolio, click on the Item Properties () button in the panel’s toolbar (View->Portfolio).
  • When the selected document within a Portfolio is not a PDF, the Item Properties dialog is truncated to show just the basic properties of the file.