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Robot Man Infix Server
Experts en modification de PDF – ordinateur / serveur / web.

En créant des logiciels qui vont de la simplicité d'Infix, notre éditeur de PDF pour ordinateur, à la puissance d'Infix Server pour alimenter des sites web et des systèmes de gestions de biens qui ont besoin de manipuler des documents PDF, nous couvrons tous vos besoins de modification et de gestion de PDF !

Notre service TransPDF fonctionne avec vos outils existants pour fournir une traduction de PDF transparente qui produit un document final de la plus haute qualité !

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Create interactive PDF forms with Infix PDF Editor

The latest update to Infix adds a set of new tools and functionality to enable creation of interactive forms with buttons, check-boxes, lists and other useful widgets. As well as creating your own, you can also edit forms created by other people in other applications and import/export data to and from forms in standard XML […]

Wrapping text around awkward shapes

Sometimes you need to make your paragraphs flow around a picture or diagram, hugging the boundary but not overlapping it. This is difficult to do using just paragraphs and adjusting right and left margins. Infix has a trick up it’s sleeve which can get you out trouble in this respect. Hidden deep in the text […]

The 3 types of scanned PDFs

Did you know there are actually 3 different types of scanned PDF which can, if you’re not careful, complicate the task of translation: The simple scan – every page is just an image. Searchable scans – each image has hidden text behind it. Mixed – can include scanned images, hidden and real text all in […]

Ignore page headers and footers in PDF

When you want to get the text out of a PDF for translation or any other reason, headers and footers can cause problems. Often repeated across every page, they break up your text-flow and are time consuming to remove. Fortunately it’s pretty simple to tell Infix PDF Editor to ignore header and footer regions before […]