GDPR Shield

Terms & Conditions

Auto-translation of PDFs is performed by Infix PDF Editor and other software/systems provided by Iceni Technology Ltd.

To use the service you must understand and agree to the following terms:

  • Your PDF and its translation are processed in the cloud, not on your computer. This has security implications you may need to discuss with the PDF owner.
  • The text translation is performed by a 3rd party (Microsoft Cognitive Services) and that party may further process data obtained during translation in ways unknown to Iceni Technology Ltd.
  • Though we strive to minimise problems, it is the nature of the PDF format that any automated editing of text (such as translation) may give rise to issues with fonts, layout and other issues which require post editing by a competent PDF editor.
  • Before paying for a complete translation, it is expected that users will invoke the free preview facility to confirm the quality of PDF output meets expectations.
  • Where a payment is required for a translation no refund will be provided expect in exceptional circumstances or when the translation has not completed due to some kind of system error.
  • Whilst your PDF is on our system it and its translation are held on servers in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Your PDFs are automatically removed from our systems after a set period (usually within 1 month). If you do not downloaded your translation in that time, the translated PDF will be lost permanently.
  • Iceni Technology Ltd. does not guarantee availability of the auto-translation service in any territory around the world.

If you have any questions regarding auto-translation, please get in touch.