Server Options

We offer two ways of obtaining your own dedicated TransPDF server. Each provides guaranteed levels of security, higher throughput and storage capacity than the public server.

  • In-house virtual machine (VM) appliance
  • Amazon cloud-based system

The VM Appliance is the simplest system, providing your business with a dedicated TransPDF resource. Software updates are supplied as drop-in VM replacements applied by your own sys-admins. This is ideal for a medium-throughput system or when you need to guarantee the security of your translations.

For high-volume scenarious we offer an Amazon cloud-based solution. This gives better performance under load and benefits from Amazon's rock-solid reliability. The system is visible on the internet but with the ability to restrict access to specific IP-ranges to ensure your PDFs and translations remain secure. All maintenance is performed by us to ensure your server is always up to date.

Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts


  • Internet visibility
  • Shared server
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Per-page fee
  • Visible to memoQ, Memsource
  • Free usage with valid Infix license
  • 25 page credits

VM Appliance One-off Payment

  • Runs on your intranet
  • Uses your server hardware
  • All data remains in-house
  • You perform software updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year's support
  • 5,000 page credits

AWS Cloud Annual License

  • Supports high-throughput
  • Rock-solid reliability
  • Amazon's proven network security
  • Visible on internet to specific users
  • Maintenance free
  • 1 year's support & upgrades
  • 10,000 page credits

FreeFrom ยข15-per-page fee