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Infix Server
Automated PDF manipulation for websites, workflows and CMS.
Controlled via XML and available for all major server platforms.
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Generate your corporate documents with Infix Server

Using Ordinary
PDF Templates
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Automate complex pre-press tasks using Infix Server:

Ad Make-up, Imposition,

Folio Placement

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Automated PDF Manipulation

Infix Server offers unrivalled facilities for automated manipulation of existing PDFs from page imposition to full-on content manipulation.

The unique advantage of the product is that it can seamlessly integrate new content into existing PDF documents – changing images, reflowing and justifying new and existing text.

It also offers full document assembly including insertion/replacement of images or other PDFs – all specified using an XML control file.

It's ideal for use in a web-based PDF editing system such as a corporate stationary management solution. Take a look at some live customer sites using our technology for just this purpose.

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I’m really happy on where the product has gone in the last few months dealing with you guys. The good communication / feature enhancements have really made a huge difference. So I thank you very much for that.

Brett, Australia

Benefits & Features

Built For High-Volume

Infix Server has been designed from the ground-up as a server process and is not simply a re-worked desktop application. As such it offers exceptional speed and control and is available on all main hardware platforms.

  • Easy integration into web-based systems via PHP and other scripting languages
  • Command line application plus C/C++ SDK
  • Available for Linux, MacOSX & Windows

Use PDFs From Any Source

Infix Server templates can be quickly made from any kind of PDF from Quark, InDesign or any other PDF source you care to use.

  • No programming or coding required for templates
  • No costly Adobe/QMX etc. licensing
  • Templates are ordinary PDFs from any design application

Press-Quality PDFs

Infix Server maintains all colour-spaces, fonts, and graphic attributes throughout the editing process to ensure the integrity of the PDF it produces.

  • True variable PDF – not simply layering graphics on existing pages
  • Fully compliant with the latest version of PDF
  • Professional H & J and rule-based text fitting
  • Ensures corporate colour spaces and fonts are maintained

Do It Your Way

Some of our customers perform the integration work themselves embedding Infix Server into their publishing systems to produce custom artwork, HR material, brochures and page imposition. As well as offering full documentation we are happy to answer questions about driving the tool from various scripting languages such as PHP.

Others ask us to assist with integration. We've helped create smart web sites for them offering their customers choices of PDF templates and interactive editing of PDF with real-time, in-browser previews.

Example Uses

infix server template

Using an existing PDF as a template, Infix server can reflow and justify new text into marked areas as well as replace existing artwork & photographs.

PDF templates can be easily created in a matter of minutes using Infix Pro. All template information is then stored within the instrumented PDF documents.
Watch a movie showing how a template is made and used.

One use for this facility is to allow your customers to create their own advertisements on-line. Presented with a selection of example ad-types (PDF templates), users would upload images and text and then instantly review fully print-ready PDF ads generated from their data and template choices.

Place existing PDF pages onto other pages. Placed pages are positioned using x,y coordinates and can be scaled to fit within a bounding box. Scaling can be controlled within pre-set limits to ensure pages are not over or undersized during automatic placement.

Publishers and repro houses can use Infix Server to automate the generation of folios without the need to revert to the original page source or applications such as InDesign or Quark.

When integrated into a publishing workflow, the software can instantly respond to changes in magazine layout by automatically re-generating all affected folio lines.

Folios may be as simple or complex as required and can even be created to allow for changes to left/right layout when pages are moved within a publication.

A very simple folio for changing page numbers:
“[P] The Green Review”

A more complex folio for changing page number, magazine name and date on either left or right hand side of the page:
[lpageno] [lmag] [ldate] [rdate] [rmag] [rpageno]

Infix Server searches for the tags you request and replaces them with your alternative text maintaining the font and style of the original tag text. It also offers full control over text alignment and reflow behaviour.

Infix Server can search for and replace text within an existing PDF, seamlessly reflowing and rejustifying the completed text.

By adding simple macros or “call-outs” such as [NAME] or [DEPARTMENT] to an existing document, sophisticated variable-data documents can be prepared. Call-outs can be added to the source document (InDesign, Illustrator, MSWord etc.) or to the PDFs you produce using Infix.

Using Infix Server's unique PDF text reflow engine, callouts can be placed on their own, within existing paragraphs or even within text that flows across columns and pages.

Accurate reflow & automatic text fitting ensure that text replacements occur seamlessly and are undetectable by the customer.

Place existing PDF pages onto other pages.

Placed pages are positioned using x,y coordinates and can be scaled to fit within a bounding box. Scaling can be controlled within pre-set limits to ensure pages are not over or undersized during automatic placement.

You may have a library of corporate media that needs updating to reflect new premises or company ownership.

Use Infix Server to process the entire batch of PDFs - it will handle any number of documents, performing the same text and image replacements on each - all without needing anyone to watch over it.

We offer pay-as-you-go licensing tailored to this kind of one-off scenario.

Live Customer Sites

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Easy PDF Template Creation with Infix

Infix PDF Editor offers a suite of specialised features for preparing PDF documents for use with Infix Server.

These include defining behaviour for target text and images when replaced by Infix Server (reflow behaviour, fitting, scaling and cropping).

Infix also enables the creation of unique ‘elastic’ templates – PDFs that grow to accommodate the dynamic content placed within them. Especially useful for creating display-ad templates into which text can be flowed. Infix Server will intelligently re-size the ad, its borders, artwork, crop and trim boxes to produce a finished ad.

Pricing & Licensing

Build your system with the trial version of Infix Server then choose the licensing that best suits your project's needs.

TrialMultiple Developers


  • Fully-functional
  • Unlimited Duration
  • Watermarked Output
  • Help with customisation

Per-PageMultiple Servers

50¢ Per Edited Page

  • Cost effective
  • Good for small projects
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Upgrades

UnlimitedSingle Server

P.O.A.Price On Application

  • Good for large projects
  • High Throughput
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Upgrades