Infix Spellcheck Dictionaries

Click on the links below to download the required language installer.
All of the languages installers provide ASpell 6 dictionaries and are compatible with Infix version 4 onwards (except those marked ).

Infix installs English GB and English US by default plus hyphenation support for all the languages listed on this page.


Requires Infix v7.6 or later.

All of the installers listed here have been created by third parties. Iceni is not responsible for their content but we have tested each one with Infix and are happy to offer them here for download.

If you have a more up-to-date dictionary for one of the above languages, Infix 4/5 should operate correctly with that instead. We would also like to  hear from you in order to keep this list current.

The source code for building the ASpell 0.60.6 library used by Infix can be obtained  here(17MB). This should build on various editions of Unix/Linux and Windows under MS Visual Studio 2005 onwards.