To select and manipulate objects (text, shapes, images) choose the Object tool () from the tool bar.

Select a single object

  1. Click on a single object to select it.
    Infix screenshot - Select single object
  2. When objects overlap, the top-most object is selected.
    Hold Ctrl+Shift while you click to select the next object underneath the current object. Each time you Ctrl+Shift, the next object down is selected.

Selecting Multiple Objects

Method 1: Dragging a rectangle

Click and drag-out a rectangle.
Infix screenshot - Drag and select

When you let go, any objects inside or touching the rectangle will be selected.

Infix screenshot - Drag and select result

In this case, all three circles were selected.

Method 2: Shift Clicking

Hold SHIFT when clicking on objects to add them all to the current selection. This is a handy when method 1 above would end up selecting unwanted objects.

Infix Shift Click Select

Circles 1 and 3 have been selected by clicking on each whilst holding the SHIFT key.

  • Press Backspace or Delete on your keyboard to delete selected objects.
  • Click and drag to move the object or selection of objects to a new position.
  • Use the cursor keys to move selected objects by 1 point (1/72 inch). Hold the Shift key as well to move by 10 points.
  • Copy/Paste of graphics from Infix to another other applications is not supported. You can export images to a standard format for import into another application. See Extracting Images, snapshots and Editing in other applications
  • Some pages are littered with invisible objects making selections difficult. These objects can usually be safely removed without altering the appearance of the page. To see invisible objects, choose View->Outlines or double-click on Preview in the status bar at the bottom of the main Infix window.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste may be used on single objects or groups of objects.