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Why Do People Use PDF?

Portable Document Format or PDF software is very popular for a variety of reasons, some of which are the very reasons for which they often require specific editing software! Below, we take a look at the common reasons for using the PDF format, which will more than explained why it is so well used:

  • PDF files are visible on any device, so they are not confined to use on any device. This is particularly useful as it means they can be viewed on both Apple and Microsoft computers and on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Security is the main reason for which PDF files are chosen by professionals in the business and academic world.
  • The majority of documents are easily converted into PDFs once complete, making creating and sending all kinds of documents easy, even readily retaining complex layouts. Multiple file formats can also be combined within one PDF to create comprehensive and easy to read reports.
  • Hyperlinks, music and video can all be added to modern PDFs for added usability and for a more dynamic user experience – it is important not to forget that they are searchable too.
  • PDF files can be protected by passwords and analytics can allow owners of documents to identify those accessing it and to quickly be made aware of security breaches.
  • Although PDFs cannot be altered without the correct software, colleagues working on the same file can mark mistakes or items they wish to query.
  • PDF readers are usually free, meaning that any authorised user can access a file without being charged.

For the reasons outlined above, and more besides, it is easy to see why many choose to utilise PDFs – and why PDF editing software can prove essential.


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