The Adobe suite has recently had a makeover

What The New Adobe Updates Mean For You

The technology world has been set alight again recently by old hands Adobe, with the announcement of a host of new products and several improvements to existing products. There hasn’t been such a shake-up since 2008, when Adobe announced that PDF was becoming an open standard program (meaning that software companies could write programs that would let you edit a PDF as easily as if you were using a word processor).



Adobe’s products have become so omnipresent over the years that most of us take them for granted; Flash Player, for instance, is something that just works. So, what do these announcements mean for you?


New Products
First lets have a quick look at the ‘new kids on the block’, Primetime and Photoshop Touch. Primetime is an integrated video publishing, advertising and analytics platform which will allow users to deliver seamless video advertising across all major platforms including Apple iOS devices, Android, desktop PCs and connected televisions. Part of the platform also allows the user to web-edit videos quickly and easily, which again harks back to the ability to edit PDFs.


The second new product is Photoshop Touch which brings Adobe’s popular Photoshop application to the iPad2. With all of the major features of the desktop version of Photoshop and many iPad only features such as ‘Scribble Selection’ (which allows you to discard or keep elements of a photo simply by scribbling on them with your finger), Photoshop Touch has absolutely whet the appetite for the five scheduled Adobe Touch releases over the coming months.



Existing Products
If you are a PDF user then you will be very grateful for Adobe for the latest security updates to their Reader and Acrobat programs. In recent years hackers have been able to exploit various vulnerabilities in PDFs to take control of affected systems. Additions in security such as Document Trust and JavaScript Lockdown mean that these vulnerabilities no longer exist.


As noted earlier, it has never been so easy to edit PDFs or create a PDF from existing documents, or even from a scanned document. Now, with the minor security vulnerabilities fixed, PDFs are once again the ideal medium for distributing your documentation – and we can still help you with your PDF editing software needs.



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