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Warning: You’re losing money by not using a PDF editor

The title of this post may sound a little strong, but it’s true – if you or your staff are having to recreate documents saved as PDFs every time changes are needed, then the cost of “bums on seats” and time spent will be extremely high compared to the cost of investing in PDF editing software that can make the changes you need extremely quickly and even offer added functionality such as translation, redaction and even sort out typos should they be missed!

We all understand the frustration of needing to edit a PDF where no source file is available and this happens more than you’d expect, especially if documents are quite old and the source has been lost, or the source is locked with a password that nobody can remember etc. Whatever the situation, recreating a document from scratch just to make a few changes is extremely time consuming and frustrating for all concerned, often taking resource away from more important projects. Using a comprehensive PDF editing program will remove this need, and reduce the time spent, leaving you with a flawlessly edited PDF to re-use

So what should you look for in a good PDF editor?

•    Firstly, you want to make sure that the software isn’t going to leave watermarks on your documents – unfortunately, most free software programs will do this, some more obvious than others, so a paid option may be best
•    Free programs will often also limit you to the amount of edits or the functionality included
•    You’ll want a program that’s quick and easy to learn, so look for a company that has online tutorials and a strong support network should you get stuck, such as a forum about their products and/or support details for contacting them if you have a problem
•    You want a program that also offers as much functionality for a one-off cost as possible – you don’t want to be tied into a monthly fee or into buying add-ons once you’ve already paid out. Essential functions in our opinion include automatic reformatting, the ability to edit without the source file, and also the ability to edit almost every element of the PDF, including text, font sizes, images and so on
•    As above, you’ll want a simple program that does a lot “behind the scenes” – so you want something that reminds you of everyday programs like Word but acts like a comprehensive PDF editor once you sign in

So – don’t lose money and recreate files from scratch if your PDF is outdated but you don’t have the original file. Invest in a good PDF editor and start saving time straight away!

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