User Feedback – Teaching Chinese

I would recommend Infix to any foreign language teachers who need to modify a PDF to fit personalized classroom needs.
For example, I teach Chinese; however, I have found that there are few materials available. What I have been able to do with Infix [is] locate materials made for another language (such as Spanish) and modify the text to help me teach Chinese.
I’ve had no problems using my specialized Chinese fonts with the Infix program.
I also really like that before saving a file, the Infix program notifies me if there is a problem with the text. For example, when I first started using the program I had copied some text into the PDF file that fell off of the page. Infix notified me of this and saved me the embarrassment of printing off 20 copies of a poor file.
Infix is a time-saving machine! Let technology do the work and get back to teaching!

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