User Feedback – “proof-read, fix, edit the document all at once”

Just wanted to say that I stumbled onto Infix PDF Editor somewhat by accident recently as I was looking for a PDF application that would edit PDF’s and was very impressed when I saw the feature list and the ease of which PDFs could be edited.
One feature that really blew me away in particular was that I could finally spell-check PDFs! So many times I have to complain to clients that want me to proof read documents that they send in PDF format and I swear under my breathe as I convert the text into a document format to spell-check. Now finally, with Infix PDF Editor I can proof-read, fix, edit the document all at once in the same application.
The other side that really impressed me with Infix PDF Editor was how easy it was to insert graphics/photos into a document and manipulate them, whilst not causing issues with the application becoming sluggish, that’s one of the biggest problems I’ve had from other PDF editors.
I definitely have to say for me that Infix PDF Editor is THE PDF editor I’ve been looking for over many years, glad I’ve finally found it so I can start saving many frustrating hours!
– Paul Statham

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