User Feedback – Infix saves you ink!

Just wanted to let you know how awesome Infix is.
I have to fax bank statements every week to my company and before Infix it was tedious at the least. I had to print them out, block the information, like part of the account number and highlight certain transactions. After editing I have to scan and and send via my PC fax, so yes, this wonderful program let me do all the editing on my PC, saves me ink because I can fax without having to print!!
First , I downloaded another program and I tried to edit, It was so complicated!! It didn’t let me delete the parts I didn’t want so I started looking online and I found Infix. WOW! I was done editing and faxing in about 12 to 15 mins!!! It is that easy. I select the parts I wanted to delete and pressed DELETE and it was gone, Highlighting is also very simple.
This program merits an A+ and I’m so excited to explore it’s features. So thank you so much.
– Nalda Flores

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