User Feedback – Infix helps with PhD

I am a PhD student and need to do read lot of research papers/articles/documents, which are generally in PDF format.
I also need to add my comments/notes in papers I read. And as it is not feasible to maintain all documents in print format, I was looking for a good PDF viewer which also has functionality of editing PDFs, writing notes/comments, add blank page options.
A friend of mine suggested I try Infix. I have now been using Infix from quite some time and really I am happy that I found this software.
One of the best feature of Infix is capability to add/edit text in between the text of PDF itself, which makes notes-box (generally available in other PDF viewers) redundant. In addition to this, other features like adding comments, various shapes of notes tool to categorize notes, highlighting text features work seamlessly.
One more thing I liked about Infix is various themes supported. I personally use Office 2007 theme, which resemble with other office tools and looks good.
In conclusion, Infix is a great tool for reading/editing PDF documents and definitely worth trying.
– Ronak Bajaj

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