User Feedback – Infix, an honest PDF editor

I am part of an organization that has to translate documents on a daily basis, because we deal with people from all over the world. The one issue we have always had is that we have many PDF documents that are around 100+ pages long that we need to translate, but we have no program to edit them with.
There are other programs that say that you can do little edits to a document, but we needed something that can do all 100+ pages. We came across this program (Infix), and honestly I was skeptical at first, as I have been let down by all of the other programs out there, as they don’t allow you to FULLY edit the pdf’s.
I do STRONGLY suggest that everyone try this program out if you are wanting an honest PDF editor, as it succeeded my hopes for such a program. Thank you Infix for making a program that makes my life SOOO much easier. I will recommend your program to everyone I know in our organization.
– Kevin Root

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