User Feedback – “hitting a home run”

I have been using Infix now for a number of days and have found it to be a wonder to use compared to the other frustrating products on the market that promise, yet fail to deliver. In a few short minutes I was up and running and had solved a majority of the issues I was running into with other available software that allows PDF editing.
I have recommended the software to a number others with positive comments already being received from them. That is a definite sign of a well written piece of code. It is rare that one can search for a tool on the web and find exactly what you were looking for, as we all know, we tend to compromise when we find something close to our specifications.
Infix hit a home run with us and we hope to continue using it and a number of other products that are offered by ICENI.
– Don Maharas, President, SportNet-USA

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