User Feedback – “don’t waste any time looking elsewhere”

I have looked at many sites on the Internet for a program for our Seniors at Westlake in Jackson NJ.
We at this adult community put out a monthly journal for our seniors and we get proofs from the printer in PDF format. We made copies and proofread them, made corrections and had the copies picked up by the printer and had them make the corrections and sent to press for printing.
Unfortunately the timing was so critical that many times they did not make all the corrections, and this was bad because important material was not corrected. When I discovered Infix, this was heaven-sent because now we make the corrections right on the PDF files, convert them to JPEG within the Infix program and email the corrections to the printer. All they had to do is insert the new pages. No mistakes and no corrections where forgotten by the printer – what we gave him was what he printed.
Infix is such a great program that others can’t compare. For one thing the material on the pages remain intact, never change format as with other programs I tried, which was very annoying and spent much time in trying to work with them.
When I downloaded Infix I just starting working with it and did not even have to read any instruction, great program.
If you work with PDF files this the program for you, trust me, don’t waste any time looking elsewhere.
Thank you Infix for a great product.
– George Mifsud

One thought on “User Feedback – “don’t waste any time looking elsewhere””

  1. Johnny

    I am an office manger for a childcare center and we use many forms that go thru repeated updates and editing. Most of our forms are in word or excel files but tend to be difficult to edit without changing the actual forms. We have also integrated forms from various sources to be apart of our daily use.
    In the past we have use many different PDF editors and all of them are either very expensive or very difficult to use. I came upon Infix PDF and was amazed at the ease of use. It meets all my needs without requiring me to constantly search for help in order to use it. I am now showing my office staff how easy it is to edit and transfer files with little to no training because it is very easy to understand and use.
    I would recommend this software to anyone who is using pdf format files or who may want to switch to this type of file without having to spend long hours learning a new program. What is very unusual is the fact that infix does quite a few advanced features without having to spend hours learning or searching to find the functions. Thank you for making this a quick easy transition for us.


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