User feedback – Converting PDF to ePub for easier reading

I am an internet researcher and usually I download files in PDF format and these files are growing in number to the extent that I am having a difficult time reading them all in the computer because of eye fatigue.
My solution is to convert the PDF files to e-pub format and transfer it into my e-ink reader. The difficulty in converting PDF to e-pub is when the PDF file have header and footer, it does not convert well into e-pub. My earlier conversions are like these. Then I tried Infix PDF Editor from my friend’s computer to remove the header and footer (it’s so easy, I just use the find and replace tool) and what a nice change it does to my e-pub output. The reflow is very good and the file size is reduced by almost 70%. Now I want to redo all my earlier converts if only I have my own Infix PDF Editor.
– Edna Lantican

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