User feedback – “a thoroughbred PDF editor”

Editing text in PDFs can be a big pain, as I would testify after using at least 10-12 tools for this purpose.
When I went about looking for the best PDF editor most of the top sites recommended Infix PDF Editor. But the personal experience of using this product is even better than what I read in the reviews. I can safely vouch that Infix can edit text in PDFs like no other tool.
One unique feature of Infix is that it does not substitute fonts present in the PDF with its own or Windows system fonts. Neither does it place all text in a row in a single frame or in similar placeholders. Infix PDF Editor retains the integrity of the complete PDF text. This feature, along with the column flow feature for text is, in my humble opinion, what sets Infix PDF Editor way ahead of its other competitors.
And I say this after trying out umpteen PDF editors (and even some vector graphic editors in the process). If you are looking for a thoroughbred PDF editor, like you would go for Word for text processing, go for Infix PDF Editor.

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