URL2PDF Saves Web Page to PDF on iPad and iPhone

Here is a new app that enables you to save a web page to a PDF on your Apple Device.  Made for owners of the iPhone and iPad in mind, URL2PDF supports 8 different languages.  Designed and published by Paulo Freitas, this app was released one month ago on November 13, 2012.



URL2PDF is easy to use as it has a built-in browser.  All you have to do is enter the URL of the desired web page.  You can also use a Google search to pull up the web site.

On the upper-right of the screen you will see a button that says Generating PDF file.  After the PDF is generated, a list of PDFs is displayed on the left of the screen.  The PDF files have the date and time as part of the name.

At this time you can also select settings for the following options:

  • You can add page numbers to the PDF file.
  • You can also add a cover page for the PDF.
  • Orientation can be selected between current, portrait and landscape views.
  • Sounds can be turned off or enabled as desired.

It is possible to email and print the PDF from the app as well as open it in other applications like a PDF reader.  When you connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer, you can use the iTunes interface to share the PDFs and copy them to your desktop.

URL2PDF needs iOS 5 or later and also works on the iPod touch 3rd through the 5th generation.

URL2PDF is available for just $0.99 from Apple’s iTunes App Store.


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