Updating old documents when all you have is the PDF

I work with a great deal of technical documentation. It ranges from instruction manuals to quick references to service bulletins and everything in between. Most of this is done in MS Office, but much of the documentation was done before my time and must be updated on a regular basis. For these older documents many of them are in PDF only with the source file gone. Infix allows me to update these documents with new screen shots, up to date text, additional instructions, new pages, removal of irrelevant pages, text and images, etc. I’ve found it to be an extremely useful program, without all of the bloat associated with Acrobat.
I’ve found Infix Pro to be both light weight on system resources using well under 150,000 KB of RAM, and the installation itself takes up less than 60 MB of disk space. As an SSD user, disk space comes at a premium, so having a small disk footprint is very important to me.
In conclusion, I’m quite happy with Infix Pro, and I’m glad that I found the software. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else who needs a functional PDF editor that is small, fast, and light weight.
– Daryl Sonnier

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