trandform palette

Infix's new floating tranform palette

Transforming Infix

Have you ever been editing a PDF in Infix and wanted to position or scale an item by an exact amount? You may have wanted to line up some graphics at particular coordinates or create a box of a particular size.



Well I have and so I thought it was about time we added the facility to Infix. In the next maintenance release we’ll be rolling out the new “Transform Selection” palette. This kind of palette should be familiar to users of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign applications.


It a simple floating palette that you can use to position, stretch, rotate and skew a selection of objects all by exact amounts. It updates in real time, showing the current position of any object.


It’s very handy for lining things up, stretching objects to specific dimensions and moving them to specific locations and is quicker to use than repeatedly opening up dialogue boxes and entering new values.


It’ll make it’s first appearance in version 5.14 on Mac and PC.

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