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Here at Iceni we’re always keen to keep an eye on our industry and the leaders within it, so we were paying close attention to the Wired Business Conference held on 1st May in New York. It may have been a month since the event, but we still feel that Adobe’s suite updates are well worth a mention.




In conversation with Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson, Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen announced that the company is moving away from it’s “professionals only” outlook, and engineering their current product line up to be for creative amatuers and not so much the pros in the business.



The rationale behind this decision lies largely with the fact that the majority of users are going mobile, with smartphones and tablets now handling PDF files better than some PCs, and as such, the functionality will be introduce to create PDFs through these devices, instead of being only available on a computer.



With this change, Adobe’s core business model is also being revamped – they’re introducing this as a multi-step process, with annual cycle updates being a key aspect of their future service. At the moment, updates come once every 10 months or so, which is a bit slow for the fast paced world we live in today, and Adobe don’t want to fall behind.



User engagement has also been a key element of Adobe’s update, in terms of giving users much more intel into what the content they create actually does once it’s out there on the web. Metrics such as viewing stats and monetization will be key to ensuring users are kept happy as Adobe evolves.



Exciting times – especially as Adobe have already released the Photoshop Touch app for iPad – which has ranked as the top grossing app available in it’s category on iTunes.

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