Tech Round-Up – October 2014

3D printing, crowdfunding and navigation apps – we’ve got it covered in this month’s technology roundup!


3D Printing from HP

It’s been a while coming but HP have finally jumped onto the 3D printing bandwagon with their new 3D printer, cited to be up to 10x faster than other models on the market. HP have stated the new model has been designed to be not only quicker but to turn out better-quality printing than rival printers, and at a marginally cheaper price, although no retail costs have been revealed yet.

3D printing is still very much a niche market – it’s not like we all need 3D print outs for a business meeting – but as the younger generations grow up into a world where paper is fast becoming part of the past and electronics prevail, could this be HP’s chance to prosper in the 3D industry?


Navigation app, Inside, means you’ll never be lost again…

There’s nothing worse than getting lost, especially if you’re running late or on your own, and new navigation app Inside promises to be the one-stop solution to your problems. A new start up in the navigation market, Inside allows you to use your camera phone to recognise your location wherever you are and guide you from that spot.


Co-founder Gil Devora has stated that the company are experts in satellite navigation and computer vision, and the app can gauge your position to within one metre. Working with big brands including BT, customers will also be able to pinpoint items in a shop and buy them, making this truly THE app that can tell you where you want to go, and get you there.


Reddit Crowdfunding site, Redditmade launched

Popular social bookmarking site Reddit have launched their own crowdfunding site, Redditmade, which allows users to raise funds for virtually any new design or product they want to promote. If the funds aren’t reached, the products aren’t made – it’s as simple as that!


The products on the site at the moment are primarily Reddit themed (including caps, shirts and glasses), but we’re sure this will grow quickly as the website matures, especially with the large range of communities and subreddits that are on Reddit currently, including The Walking Dead, bestof and pokemon.


RightPark app to end driver woes in Westminster

Westminister council have announced they will be introducing the new RightPark app shortly, which has been designed to aid the parking situation in London’s West End and will help users identify which car parking areas and bays are free for use. Sensors have been installed across a trial area so far and plans are in place for another 7000, should the trial prove successful. The central database that these sensors feed to is updated every minute, meaning that drivers (who must have either stopped to use the app or are using their phone with appropriate handsfree equipment to prevent against illegally using the app and driving at the same time) can have up to date information on parking in the area.

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