Supercharge Your PDFs on Your Web Site

We all know PDFs are the most universally way to present content to customers and potential customers.  Everyone can read them regardless of what operating system or device they use.



So what happens when you want to give those PDFs an added sparkle?  How about some pizzazz? Would you also like those PDF files optimized for any device?

There is a product we discovered that can do this for you and more.  Uber-flip may fulfill your wish list.

Uber-flip converts your PDF file to Flash for desktop viewers.  It will also convert the PDF to HTML5 for mobile viewing.

Animated videos can be easily embedded into the PDF presentation to make the viewing as though the video was originally part of the document.  Animation can be added to bring your PDF alive as you cannot do in a static PDF.

You can customize with any color combo to match your branding and logos are no problem.  While this product is hosted, a search of the web page source code will only reveal your own URLs.

Social widgets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are easily embedded to enable sharing and spreading your message to the world.  You can also add your own customized widgets to accomplish anything you can possibly wish for, limited only by your creativity.

Statistical analysis is provided in addition to integrated Google Analytics.  Distribution is easy as email, QR codes, Microsoft Tags and a host of other techniques.

Check out the short video below.  After that you can get more information and pricing from the Uber-flip web site.




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