Russian Words, Translated


One of the biggest users of Infix are translation companies; the fact Infix allows you so much control over your PDF documents, even without the source file, is a big plus and as such it is common for translation companies to use us when they need to convert a PDF from one language to another!

Looking at the stats of how many translation companies Infix has served got us thinking about which were the most common words to be translated, so we thought we’d go and have a look at the Russian language and which words were the most common both ways:

Russian – English

Russian Word English translation
в in, at
и and, though
быть to be
я I
на on, it, at, to
весь all, everything
у by, with, of
что what, that, why
он he
это that, this, it


English Word Russian translation
A один
That это
This эта
I я
He он
She она
Her ее
His его
And и
All весь

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