Rebuilding a lost dissertation using Infix

I have recently used Infix editing my dissertation. My computer was stolen, and I lost the entire document (I had a brain f*rt and had not backed up). (All) I had left was a hard copy I had printed the day before the thief took my computer (I did retrieve the computer about a week later, hard drive wiped).

I was prepared to spend a couple of weeks retyping the entire document (245 pages). A friend referred me to Infix and I tried the OCR tool. It did a wonderful job and my two weeks of planned grunt work took me about 4 hours to complete.

After using every other PDF editing software, including Acrobat, this OCR is by far the best when it comes to numbers. In addition, unlike Acrobat, the OCR correction tool makes it extremely easy to fix software mistake without have to export the file and recreate a PDF.

The most useful part of Infix is the ability to use it for free to learn how it works.
I would recommend anyone needing a PDF editing software to consider fully Infix.

– Phillip Mixon

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