Portable Applications Becoming More Popular

If you are one of those people who are constantly on the move, it seems like you have your laptop permanently attached to your body.  Not physically attached, but always there ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.  The rash of ultra-light laptops and tablets being snatched up by mobile consumers is proof that portability is the key.

Sometimes you would like to travel even lighter.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry everything you needed in your pocket?  Something light that would not need a battery charge would be ideal.

We introduce you to portable applications.  In this discussion, portable applications are software programs that can be installed onto a USB flash storage drive, commonly called thumb drives.  Don’t be worried about not having enough storage, as the USB drives are commonly available in sizes up to 128 GB in the large discount stores at reasonable prices.

Software developers are slowly realizing that there is a strong need to be able to go up to any computer, plug in a thumb drive, run the desired applications and then unplug the drive.  Even better is the desire to leave absolutely no trace of the data or programs on the borrowed computer.  Do not try and install any software on a USB drive, as the programs have to be written to be installed and run from just the removable drive.

There are a lot of web sites that offer free portable applications.  PortableApps.com, Lupo PenSuite and Pendriveapps.com are just three of the seemingly limitless companies offering free portable applications.  The web site makeuseof has a list of the best portable apps, in their opinion.

For off the shelf commercial products, some companies are now starting to offer their software in a portable app.  Check with your favorite software vendors as see if they have a portable app version.

Inceni Technology acknowledges your need for portability and we offer our Infix product as a portable app.  You can download the portable version of Infix here.

Photo courtesy of Fred Hoot

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