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Personal Uses for A PDF Editing Program

You may think its only businesses that would have a need to download and use a PDF editing program but we find that quite a large proportion of our customers use Infix on a day-to-day personal basis. A lot of people have hobbies that involve creating and editing documents, and if those documents are PDFs and no original source file can be found, they face the same problems as a business does with getting those documents edited.

Our research has shown that big users of Infix on a personal level are people such as hobby magazine editors, people who create leaflets for the local area and local community and sporting groups such as cricket and football teams.


If you’re part of a club, you may find there’s a monthly or quarterly magazine that’s sent out, either for free or as part of a membership fee. This magazine will have a whole crew of people working on it in their spare time; writers, editors and creatives, so the need for a PDF editor can be key to ensure the publication is sent out correctly proofed.


You’ve all had those leaflets through your door advertising different services; local gyms, yoga sessions, even bin cleaning – these leaflets are created by local people perhaps looking to set up their own business and created on a computer. It may be the original leaflets have been created from scratch but they may need updates from time to time with venue changes, time changes etc, so using a PDF editor is one such way of getting these changes done quickly to send more leaflets out

Local/Sporting Groups

If you belong to a local community club or sporting group, like a cricket club, there may be a need to create documents such as schedules and newsletters for the members. As with the examples above, these may be created from scratch from need updating, especially a schedule of upcoming matches.

These aren’t the only uses for a program like Infix; it may be you use it at work but also need something translating or editing in your spare time like a letter. The possibilities are endless!

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