PDF Review app - Major February update

PDFs on your Apple Device


There has never been a time when so much technology has been available simultaneously, both hardware and software, to enable you to distribute your documentation and marketing materials to as many people as possible, in the preferred method of their choice.


For years, people have been using the Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe to do just this and now, with the recent news from Adobe that the few security vulnerabilities open in the PDF documentation have been patched up, the PDF is undergoing a renaissance and is once again the world leader in document formats.


Traditionally creating a PDF was a messy one-way street with editing options restricted once the file had been converted. Now, in the first part of the marriage of technologies, there are products which allow you create PDFs and, more importantly, edit the text, pictures and general formatting of the PDF as often as you want to. Gone is the frustration of that moment when you notice a typo in your new PDF brochure and you realise that you have to recreate the whole thing. Now, it’s click click, done, and the PDF is fixed and ready for distribution.


More good news is the fact that PDFs are now no longer the preserve of the internet or desktop PCs. In the last few weeks the popular PDF Review app for iPad, iPhone and iPod has undergone a major update allowing users to import their PDFs from email or from iTunes, add their own notes to the PDF and write a summary of the whole document. Distributors also have the option to request review and feedback statistics as well as generating reports.


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