PDF Viewer for Windows Phone 8

As you may or may not have known, Microsoft appears to have dropped Adobe’s PDF Reader from the Windows Phone 8 store.  Search as you wish, but that familiar PDF reader is nowhere to be found.


Do not lose any sleep over this as Microsoft has developed their own PDF reader.  It seems like they did not think too hard or run many focus groups on choosing a name.  They probably saved a lot of marketing money on this title for their app: PDF Reader.

Here is what Microsoft is promising you.  The number one comment on their list is that it will quickly open PDF files.

You can bookmark pages in the PDF and have the capability to jump back to that bookmark from anywhere else in the document.  If you need to have a closer look at text or images, you can use your lobster-like pincer movements to enlarge and shrink the view.

You can also perform a text search throughout the PDF to see if you can find some information.  Viewing choices are a separate page at a time or you can opt to read the pdf pages in a smooth, scrollable, continuous viewing page.

One good option is the ability to find your spot. If you were in the middle of reading a PDF and had to abandon it to do something else, you have the capability to resume reading where you left off when you open the PDF again.

PDF Reader for Windows Phone 8 is free and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.  Some people say that Microsoft’s PDF reader is not as robust as the Adobe Reader, which is understandable, but you really do not have a choice at this moment.  Well, as the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying goes: For free, take.  For buy, ask questions.

4 thoughts on “PDF Viewer for Windows Phone 8”

  1. Brian

    What a waste of time this is, you cant move to the PDF files that have been uploaded via USB. You cant open any files from within the reader at all. So far I have not been able to open a single file. It would seem you can only open a file that has been emailed to the phone.

    Microsoft needs to do better than this if they are to survive the Android Apple march to the top.

    Windows 8 Mobile Phone needs to have at least the functionality even if they have to spend some mone on wages.


  2. Lynne

    In last yr. or whenever adobe created the cloud I’ve despised them & free trial. Had boocoodles of crocheting & genealogy pdfs that can no longer be found. Had spent many hrs for about a yr of downloading & now can’t retrieve old files. Wish adobe all in 1 would take a dive.


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