PDF Usage in Leisure Centres & Gyms

PDFs are commonly used across a wide variety of business environments – you may think they’re most often used in offices, but you’d be surprised! We find Infix customers coming from a diverse range of business places, including translators, training organisations and even leisure centres! You may think the last one is a little ambiguous, but with the amount of signs, special offers and promotional flyers that are used in recreational facilities, having software that can edit them in a short time is a must!

Document Types

So what type of documents are commonly used in a leisure centre? Well, for one, leaflets promoting new offers (especially around seasonal periods), and these have to be changed each year or seasonal term depending on what the offer is. Because this type of document is primarily based around a template with the logo and contact details clearly presented, it is easier to edit an existing version than create a new one (unless you need to re-brand, of course). This is where a PDF editor will come in handy, as it prevents having to start again if you don’t have the original file to work with.

What else? If a leisure centre has a café or eating area, they will need to be edited when new products are on offer or pricing changes, and again, it’s a lot easier to edit than start from fresh. Signs around the walls that show visitors where to go or which classes are available are also common culprits in need of frequent editing, as well as class timetables. There may be a need to give leaflets out for guests to take with them, so these will also be ideal for editing.

Whatever the business type, it’s most likely PDFs are used across the organisation, and it’s important that a good PDF editor is used to ensure any changes made are professional, clear and will not interfere with the formatting of the rest of the document.

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