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PDF Reader Pro Updated

Rundown Of New Features


A successful company can go in one of two directions – innovate or consolidate. Innovation is the watchword at YUYAO Software, the makers of the number one iOS PDF app, PDF Reader Pro, and this month sees the release of a much anticipated update for its users.



The update, which has been rolled out for free to all existing users (new users will automatically receive the new version when they purchase the app) has many new features, some requested from their substantial user base, some because YUYAO Software like to give their users cool new features.


One of the key reasons for the app’s immense popularity was the ability to complete PDF forms, and, understandably, it is here that YUYAO have concentrated their efforts on improving the user experience. The PDF form display has been sharpened and the range of PDF form formats that are supported has been increased.


The Apple iPad 3 boasts faster hardware, sharper visuals and an improved all round experience for users. The new hardware also laid down a gauntlet to software developers, pushing them to try and get the best out of Apple’s stunning new hardware. And it is here that you can really see a lot of the background work that YUYAO have done.


Although PDF Reader Pro does work well on both the original iPad and last year’s iPad 2, the new software update really harnesses the new processing power and the beautiful, pin-sharp screen of the iPad 3 to deliver the user an immersive, slick experience.


At last week’s WWDC, Apple announced the imminent release of a major new software update for its mobile devices (iOS 6). They have thrown down the gauntlet again. We will have to wait and see how developers, YUYAO Software included, respond. However, with innovation and improvement underling the ethos of YUYAO, users of PDF Reader Pro will not be left behind.



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