PDF editing, without reading the user manual!

I frequently have to create instructional documents and since I don’t want these edited I save them as PDF documents. Occasionally I end up needing to swap images (when things are updated) or realise there is an incorrect word. While I can do this using the original document and re-saving then uploading it can be slightly time consuming.

I was made aware of Infix and downloaded the free trial. On testing the suitability of Infix for my purpose I have found it very useful. Without having to consult the help menu I was able to remove an image and insert the replacement. [I] also edited some text.

What I found very useful was the ability for Infix to recognize the text used and apply a replacement text font if needed. I had an older document that is used a fair bit but didn’t have the original word document. The font in the document was slightly different and I hadn’t been able to replicate it. Using Infix I was able to successfully edit the document without the edits looking out of place.

I would recommend Infix to anyone wanting to easily modify a PDF document.

– Emma Dowdeswell

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